Incredible Transformation of Manvi Kaushal

Manvi Kaushal lost 30 kg and is still working on her strength. She battled PCOD and breathlessness, and now she helps others reach their health goals! Her story is sheer motivation. Read yourself!

Incredible Transformation of Manvi Kaushal

Manvi Kaushal is from Chandigarh, she is 32-year-old designer and artist by profession. She has worked for 7 years in the industry and is now a freelancer. Along with that she is a certified Nutrition and Wellness Health Coach and is helping her clients on their journey to achieve their health and fitness goals.

She has travelled this far with thorough dedication and the picture was a lot more different for her way back. When she started her weight-loss journey, she just wished to shed a few extra pounds, but she never knew that her journey would go so far. She lost 30kg and still working to make herself stronger everyday. She is now also a certified Nutritionist and Wellness Health Coach and has overcome her PCOD with right nutrition. She is also helping others on their health and fitness journey.

The most difficult and challenging part of her journey, however, was to control her cravings for food as she is a foodie and is almost dependent on food for her emotional comfort. So, eating clean and nutritious, making it her lifestyle was pretty challenging for her.

Her day usually starts at 6:30 where after spending some time meditating, she hits the gym for her workout. Her workouts take around an hour. Post this, she has her breakfast and starts her daily work.

As she puts it, “My journey for weight loss started in 2017. But this was not my first attempt at losing weight as I have struggled with weight issues and PCOD for as far as I can remember. The A-ha moment for me came in 2017 when one fine day, I felt breathless climbing the stairs to the second floor. Yeah, I know it's not a big deal but stairs have always been my thing until that day when it seemed like a mountain climb. That’s when I decided it was time to change how I felt about myself and take charge of my body. I joined the gym and started studying about food. I am now a certified Nutrition and Wellness Health Coach. I have lost 30 kg and now helping other struggling with weight-loss, PCOD, Diabetes, Thyroid.”

Basic Workout Schedule

Monday starts with a HIIT workout for her. The rest of the week is compound body training. She has  recently started with Kick-boxing training to strengthen her upper body.

Basic Diet

Her preferred diet is home food. She tries to balance my meals with lots of greens, fruits and sufficient proteins. She tries her best to intake at least 10 glasses of water a day and carry her detox water wherever possible.

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    Awesome transformation by my personal trainer and nutritionist.smt manvi ji..she was incredible in her journey..motivated me in my tranformation journey also..God bless her with lost of success to come

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