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In Focus: Sports Photography for Capturing the Run, Shooting the Lap

The article features Ajit Kumar Srivastava, a sports and active lifestyle photographer who is trusted by many runners, bikers, polo players and swimmers across the country. His insight into this para sports media profession is worth a read!

In Focus: Sports Photography for Capturing the Run, Shooting the Lap

Rarely does anyone pay attention to the magic of lens when we look at aesthetically and naturally spectacular moments in a sprinting, running, cycling or swimming sport event. A good photographer can create magic with your profile. One such sought after lens wizard is Ajit Kumar Srivastava. He has been photographing for over half a decade and has captured athletes at all the major events in New Delhi such as swimming, running and cycling along with leading triathlon tournaments. He specializes in adventure sports and active lifestyle.

As Ajit put it, “Capturing the right angle and expression requires a great effort. There is an invisible synchronization of energies between the photographer and the athlete in bringing out the final outcome of visually enhanced images. Each photograph tries to tell a story and the journey of the athlete. Hence, it is not only effort of a photographer but also the athlete.”

Sports photography is a specialized and skilled genre of photography which requires apt equipment too. In India, over many decades, it was mostly confined to sports journalism, in small numbers, where equipment wasn’t always affordable to anyone outside the media houses. With numerous professional and amateur athletic events expanding all across the cities and towns of India, sports photography has been growing at a significant pace into a promising profession.

The lens that are used have a length ranging from 200mm to 600mm which are much longer compared to the normal lens. They are digital with a single lens reflex camera that bring out the clarity of the successive shots. The camera’s equipment are heavy and thus supported on the monopods, which are crucial in avoiding the shaking and further help out in capturing 5 sharp images per second. Keeping the location of the event and the workstation is one of the most important criteria of more vibrant prints, sports photographers are often given the VIP booths to capture for the best result.

“It is not only photography, it is my passion and hence, you can imagine the kind of dedication I bring to my work.” Says Ajit. Sports and active lifestyle photography requires equal agility to be quick, to be creative, to have supporting knowledge of the sport.

A great photograph is being at the right place at the right moment and that’s where Ajit’s work through his lens has proven time and again to been a brilliant display of art. He lives and works out of New Delhi.

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