In Focus: Aftab Shaikh, Fitness Model and Entrepreneur

I decided to transform in 2008 and after that never look back! After watching which movie he decided to transform. Read out in his story!

In Focus: Aftab Shaikh, Fitness Model and Entrepreneur

I am Aftab Shaikh, 33-year-old athlete and fitness model from Mumbai having a disciplined and little hectic lifestyle. Apart from modelling and training assignments, I am an entrepreneur. To maintain my regular routine, I wake up early in the morning at 6 a.m. and I usually workout 2.5 hours in gym and after that, I do other stuff.

I represented IHFF Men’s Physique and won the ‘Best Posing’ award and done several fitness photography shoots with some of the best photographers in the industry. My love for fitness is unparalleled, I became a brand ambassador of Muscle Gears Nutrition and brand athlete of (Your Fitness Club). In the list of my achievements in 2010 I held 4th position in Junior Mumbai Shree and became the ‘Best Poser’ in Junior Mumbai Shree and apart from this I was featured in popular health and fitness magazines.

In this fitness industry, most of the people face the financial issues, being a bodybuilder and maintaining the physique is financially draining at times, but now I thank my supplement partner Muscle Gears. I no more have to worry about my supplement expenses. Few months back I suffered from Cervical Spondylitis but I’m recovering well now. Once my injury is completely healed I’ll be back to compete again soon.

I decided to transform in 2008 when I watched the film “300” starring Gerard Butler. The movie inspired me a lot. I worked out like crazy at that time.

I workout six days a week and on Sunday I take rest.

In my diet I add seven meals in a day in morning before my workout I take oats and 4 egg whites. After workout, I take protein shake adding 2 scoops of protein and an apple in lunch I take 300gms Chicken with veggies or salad and 2 cups of brown rice after having my lunch. I add 5 egg whites and handful of dry fruits in dinner, 200gms chicken with salad along with multigrain chapatti.

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