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Importance of Fitness Amidst The Pandemic

Benefits of committing to a consistent fitness regime to keep Covid-19 at bay.

Importance of Fitness Amidst The Pandemic

In the wake of fatal pandemic, the entire fitness regime has suffered a massive setback due to prolonged stay at home thereby leading to the increased risk of contracting the disease. With the heightened work pressure personally and professionally both, people are unable to find time to commit to a proper workout. Despite everything, when it is about ensuring better immunity and stamina, it is extremely important for one to commit to consistent fitness regime.

More than fitness it is about mindset

The moment, one hears the word workout, an image of complex exercises’ crop up in the mind. On the contrary, exercise need not be complicated. The entire notion of workout revolves around taking a tiny break from prolonged activities like sitting. Activities as simpler as low-intensive physical movements including stretching or walking will help ease blood circulation, muscle activity and muscles. These simplified activities go to the long way in reducing the high blood pressure, heart disease risk, type 2 diabetes, stroke and any other condition that can enhance the susceptibility related to the Covid 19.

Psychological benefits of Exercising

Exercising is known to deliver a greater subjective well-being.  As per the various studies and researches, those who did exercise at least three times a week, reported significantly less anger issues, less stress, and cynical distrust.

The immune system of human is an extremely intricate network of molecules and cells that are designed to keep the body free from an array of diseases and infection. Any kind of moderate to high intensity workout is believed to improve immune responses against a range of health ailments including diabetes, obesity, HIV, Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Cognitive impairment and more. Due to the pandemic, social isolation is resulting in negative effects on immunity and mental well-being. Precisely, social isolation results elevation of Glucocorticoids like cortisol. This result in interruption with the critical functions related to the immune system.

Whole body dynamic cardiorespiratory exercise is competent of carrying out effecter functions including recognizing and killing virus-infected cells.

Physical health benefits of Fitness workout

The recurrent recirculation between the tissues functions and blood functions end up in increasing host immune surveillance. The same results in increased resistance against the infection. Exercise also releases a host of key proteins which can help maintain immunity especially muscle-derived cytokines like IL-6, IL-15, IL-7 and more. IL-7 is known to boost the new T-cells production from the thymus, IL-15 helps in maintaining the peripheral T-cell while IL-6 is known to boost the immune cell against the infection.

The bottom line

During the pandemic, it is natural to succumb to sedentary lifestyle including waking up late, spending more time watching TV or social media, eating haphazardly and more. In such a scenario, it has become extremely important to resort to healthy lifestyle by choosing any kind of fitness routine. Be it aerobics, dancing, jogging, yoga, running, swimming, no matter what fitness regime you choose, be ensure to stay active to keep fatal Covid away.

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