Immunity Update: Complete Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C Requirement

Vitamin C, one of the most effective, powerful, and essential nutrient is responsible to perform multiple functions of the body. It enables you fight off all kinds of infections as well. Find out how you can make the most out of Vitamin C in this article.

Immunity Update: Complete Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C Requirement

Being soluble in water, our body is unable to produce Vitamin C. However, it is present in many fruits and vegetables through which we can consume it easily on a regular basis. Many people also opt for dietary supplements to prevent illness caused by lack of vitamin C and reap the advantages of in taking it as well.

Are you still unsure whether you should need it or not?

Keep reading to get the benefits that you can grab just by including vitamin C as a part of your regular healthy diet.

Vitamin C: What are its benefits?

It is a well-known fact that vitamin C has an abundance of health benefits to offer besides maintaining our overall well-being. Learn the benefits of vitamin C below!

  • Vitamin C boosts the formation of collagen. As a result, you will get tight, younger-looking, and glowing skin.
  • It helps in quick healing of the wounds
  • It promotes healthy bones and teeth
  • It decreases the chances of vitamin C deficiency called scurvy that gives rise to many health issues like fatigue, depression, anemia, soreness in the joints, bleeding gums, etc.
  • It is an essential antioxidant required for the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues.

Apart from the listed benefits, there are a few other unproven evidence and conflicting researches that claim the following facts regarding consuming vitamin C. Have a quick look below:

  • Its helps to treat the common cold
  • It reduces the stress level
  • It decreases the chances of stroke
  • It helps to improve eye-vision
  • It upholds the ability to fight heart-diseases and cancer

What are the sources of vitamin C?

Eating oranges and a couple of citrus fruits like kiwi, lemon, guava, grapefruit etc. and veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, capsicum helps to fulfil the required amount of vitamin C in the body i.e. 75mg for women 90mg for men.

Nevertheless, if you want something tasty with a tons of health benefits. I have a great suggestion for you all. Apparently, nothing can beat oranges as the best source of vitamin C. Oranges are highly recommended to fulfil the daily allowance of vitamin C.

Of all the different varieties of oranges, mandarin oranges might top them all because of their sweet taste and rich vitamin C amount.

 Mandarin are among the sweetest and considered the powerhouse of vitamin C.

Containing essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This sweet, juicy, and fragrant fruit can supply your body with the following incredible benefits.

Advantages of Mandarins:

  • Mandarin does absolute wonders for the skin. Given below are a few of the many reasons that can help you to achieve flawless skin.
  • It helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other blemishes resulting in younger-looking skin.
  • Improves the skin tone
  • It promotes the growth of new cells
  • It helps fight skin infections
  • Due to the presence of fibre, it helps to feel full for a longer period thus curb hunger and helps in weight management as well.
  • It plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the immune system
  • It helps maintain the normal blood pressure
  • It contributes to the growth of the hair with the utmost shining, bounce, and strength
  • Presence of antioxidants in mandarins helps to promote good cholesterol and lowers down the bad cholesterol
  • Helps in weight loss because of their low-calorie count
  • It helps in relieving digestive issues

If you think that you cannot eat enough vitamin C through a whole mandarin orange, I have got a simple yet effecting method to intake vitamin C from mandarin oranges that you should definitely give a try!

Juicing is by far among the greatest way to intake the important nutrients of any fruit/veggies that you can’t consume otherwise.

  • With juicing, it is easier to absorb nutrients than eating 3-4 whole fruits.
  • It helps to fulfil the hydration requirement of the body
  • Juicing is a great option to eat a blend of veggies that tastes disgusting as cooked, roasted or in salad
  • It can turn out to be a great snacking option that has immense health benefits and helps to prevent cravings for unhealthy food as well

Having said that, not every juice is healthy, fresh, and chemical-free. Therefore, if you have to be extra careful before picking up any juice brand/type.

There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind to ensure the quality and safety:

  • Avoid packaged juices as they have high sugar content and no health quotient
  • If you are juicing at home, source high quality of fresh fruits and veggies and clean them properly before using
  • Always opt for cold-pressed juices as they uphold important vitamins and minerals due to the method used to extract out the produce
  • Check the ingredients used in any juice brand before making a final decision
  • Do check out the brand’s social media handles as it helps you to get a thorough knowledge about the brand and its products.
  • Customer review also helps to alter your choices of the juice brands.

In my case, I don’t have time to juice at home, therefore, I prefer to consume cold-pressed juice which is fresh and chemical-free of course!

Recently, I have subscribed to the pure, juicy and super refreshing cold-pressed juices from OMJOOS, a residential cold-pressed juice brand in the Delhi/NCR.

Not bragging, but the juice surely tastes so good and worth a try if you reside in Delhi or surrounding areas.

Final Thoughts

Well, I hope now it’s evident enough that mandarin is a powerhouse of vitamin C that is extremely good for our health to complete our vitamin C requirement and keep us healthy in the long run.

Mandarins are versatile and can be used in salads and in sweet dishes also for making it a part of your healthy diet and get the protein boost as well. Since vitamin C is abundant in fruits and veggies, it’s better to avoid getting it from supplements.

Do not take large doses of the vitamin rather keep in in moderation and stay healthy.

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