IHFF Sheru Classic, Mumbai: The Seven Smashing Hit Features!

IHFF organizes one of the Asia’s top events. Here we have listed the top seven features of the IHFF, Mumbai.

IHFF Sheru Classic, Mumbai: The Seven Smashing Hit Features!

International Health Sports and Fitness Festival was recently held in Mumbai at Bombay Exhibition Centre on October 12th, 13th and 14th. Sheru Classic is the mast - head of International Health Sports and Fitness Festival (IHFF) spearheaded by Sheru Aangrish, Hemant Aangrish and Manish Gandhi (COO & Exec. Director, IHFF). One of the Asia’s top events, the festival pulls all the sports and fitness professionals, enthusiasts, brands and events at one place and the footfall of the masses is also in great numbers to watch and get motivated. This three day long festival or expo is awaited for whole of the year by sports and fitness industry. The event harbored more than 200 exhibitors and there was a public footfall around 50, 000. According to the sources, this year Sheru Classic has taken aboard PayTM Mall as its e-commerce partner. This kind of association not only helps the event alone but has the potential of lifting up the business of all the participating brands. This year as well, many fitness loving celebrities from Bollywood like Suhail Khan, Sonu Sood, Bani J and Amit Sath, etc. were spotted at the event along with some of the international celebrities.

Like every year, IHFF Sheru Classic (Mumbai) brought a lot of adrenaline rush with some of its trademark features, making it a instant smashing hit among the public, bodybuilders, nutritionists, sports and fitness professionals alike. Bodyandstrength.com is listing out top seven exclusive features of the IHFF Sheru Classic (Mumbai) here:

Amateur Olympia

As a part of the second edition of Amateur Olympia series in India, the event was open to all the athletes from India and other Asian countries. For your information, Mr. Olympia contest was founded by Joe Weider who also is the co-founder of IFBB. The show was a big hit among the masses and people thronged to cheer for their favorite athlete on the stage. 21 athletes were awarded with the exclusive Pro Cards.

Sheru Male and Female Model Search

Sheru Classic provided a unique platform to aspiring fitness models through this highly competitive contest – an ideal launch-pad for the participants.

BFC MMA Championship

BlackOut Fighting Championship ring attracted the raging MMA fighters and audiences buzzing with energy around it. All India Mixed Martial Arts Federation (AIMMAF) had tied up with Sheru Classic to conduct the championship in the event and this tie-up surely became a magnet for all the MMA lovers.

Shivfit – The Battle Of The Fittest

The competition was divided into 3 categories: METCON or circuit training, Power lifting and Weightlifting. Many of the fitness enthusiasts and participants were seen showcasing their power packed strength and energy in the rounds.

Seminar Room

The seminar hall went full-house back to back with conferences and fitness based seminars for three days in succession and attracted the communicative crowd around.


Known as the crossfit training method but it is a bigger sport than that, Kick-Boxing attracted viewers like anything in the event and became one of the favorites to hit the energy scale.

Arm-Wrestling Championship

The Indian Arm Wrestling Federation conducted the Arm Wrestling Championship at IHFF which had 8 weight categories for men and 5 for women. This has always been a big cheer event for the spectators and a performance testing challenge for the wrestlers.

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