IHFF - Big Muscles Nutrition Presents Sheru Classic 2019 (Delhi)

Asia's largest health and fitness expo: Big Muscles presents IHFF (Delhi) wrapped up with aplomb on Sunday. The 3 day long (5th to 7th) expo had Pragati Maidan flooding with health and fitness enthusiasts, trainers, coaches, brands, nutritionists, fitness and entertainment celebrities and many more people.

The highlight of the event were the athletes competing for Sheru Classic and pro cards. The fitness icons were seen encouraging, helping, guiding and setting the stage on fire coming from across the world. The results were enthralling and some are of the winners were as follows:

Sr.No Name Surname Class Category PRO CARD WINNER
1 Vipin Yadav Bantam Weight Men's Bodybuilding  
2 Dharmendra Kumar Light Weight Men's Bodybuilding  
3 Rahul Rahul Middle Weight Men's Bodybuilding  
4 Mahesh Kumar Light Heavy Weight Men's Bodybuilding PRO CARD WINNER
5 Rensu Chandran Heavy Weight Men's Bodybuilding  
6 Sumeet Thapa Super Heavy Weight Men's Bodybuilding  
7 Nandini Vala Class A Women's Physique  
8 Moumita Mazumder Class B Women's Physique PRO CARD WINNER
9 Amit Gupta Class A Men's Classic Physique  
10 Bikramjit Singh Class B Men's Classic Physique PRO CARD WINNER
11 Ripu Daman Rathore Class C Men's Classic Physique  
12 Rohit Singh Class D Men's Classic Physique  
13 Jahanara Islam Class A Women's Figure  
14 Mridula Baishya Class B Women's Figure PRO CARD WINNER
13 Sonia Sharma Class A Women's Fitness PRO CARD WINNER
14 Navneet Kaur Class A Women's Fitness  
15 Priya Chaudhury Class A Women's Fitness  
16 Manoj Patil Class A Men's Physique PRO CARD WINNER
17 Harish Gurjar Class B Men's Physique  
18 Ahmed Raza Class C Men's Physique  
19 Ishu Thakur Class D Men's Physique  
20 Archit Chhatwal Class E Men's Physique  
21 Rajnish Yadav Class F Men's Physique  
22 Rutuja Hegshetye Class A Women's Bikini PRO CARD WINNER
23 Shivani Sachdeva Class B Women's Bikini  
24 Bindiya Sharma Class C Women's Bikini  


There were other engaging, entertaining and interesting events going on at other booths which include the energy packed, gut-hitting MMA and Arm-wrestling. The hall was echoing with crowd going crazy over their favourite icons, celebrities and athletes like 4 times Mr. Olympia Jeremy Buendia, Guru Mann, John Lucas, Varinder Singh Ghuman, Yatinder Singh, Junaid Kaliwala , Deepika Chowdhury, Anand Arnold, and many more.

Whole industry seemed to have modelled itself under one roof with brands like Big Muscles Nutrition, Being Strong, Fitline, Fitness world, KFS, Steadfast Nutrition, Avvatar, Fast&Up, Himalaya Quista Pro and many more from equipments to supplements to apparels to technology. Indeed the grand just got grander!

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