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If You Don't Give Up, You Succeed - Manoj More

Episode – 3 of the series Eugenics Nutrition: The Inside Story brings to you story of a simple, grounded and humble powerlifting and weightlifting athlete, Manoj Manohar More. He is a commonwealth weightlifting medalist and Chattrapati Shivaji awardee by Maharashtra Government.

Manoj More shares his story exclusively in last and third episode of the series Eugenics Nutrition: The Inside Story. The video focuses on how you strive towards success by being consistent in your efforts. You may or may not know what your passion is right from the beginning and it kind of grows on to you once you get inspired by looking at success stories around you.

Same thing happened with Manoj because as a young boy, he didn’t know that he would be so acclaimed for a sport about he knew nothing about. He had always been an athlete in the school and would participate in track and field events, hence, he had already had an innate inclination towards sports and physical activities. As he grew up, he was introduced to the sport of weightlifting by his brother. Till then he was a newcomer and whenever he went to weightlifting or powerlifting championships, he saw people lifting real heavy weights. He was in awe of their strength and thought how are they able to do it. They also have the same body parts and similar structure as ours then what makes them so above normal? This question inspired him to find out, explore, and put in hard work to achieve similar feats in the coming future.

He was born and brought up in Mumbai and did his schooling in the same city. He states that being athletic right from the beginning formed a base for him to pursue this variant of sport, which became a reason for his fame now. He fondly credits his father and his brother for all the support they gave him all through his journey. He realizes that it would not have been possible without the sincere and tireless support of both of them. Like most of the athletes in this sport, their family also went through lack of finance to support his training. To meet the challenge, his father was farsighted enough to save right from the day, he decided to take up this sport professionally. They kept saving for his training and nutrition needs and in this way, he managed to climb up the ladder of success with their support.

Manoj says that we should not give up on our dreams and our efforts to attain our dreams in life and this is the only mantra to success for anyone including him. We must remain consistent with our workout routine and religiously follow it no matter what may come. Apart from workout, it is important to take proper nutrition and don’t take your health and fitness for granted. After all it is your fitness which supports your sport and it is your fitness which determines the quality of your life. If you are not getting enough nutrition from the food you are having, you must go for a quality supplementation to meet your body requirement. The more physical activity you are engaging in, more you top-up nutrition you need to see the result on your body.

He felt the best when he did 400 kg squat and when he got Chattrapati Shiva Ji award from Maharashtra government. He cherishes the title as his most laudable achievement till now. It is a challenge to manage his time as he serves as an ASI with Maharashtra police. He plays this sport representing Maharashtra police as well. He says that even if he has to serve duty hours which can reach up to 24 hours, he manages his exercise schedule and family time the next day. Even if he skips a few days of training, he makes it a point to sincerely cope up with it by increasing his exercise time a day after. Because of his demanding job, he has to juggle time but he manages well as he proud to be serving nation in both the capacities.

Watch whole of the episode, his story, his way as he tries to tell you. The episode aims at inspiring budding powerlifters and weightlifters. He also shares his exclusive workout schedule with the audience in this video.

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