If Confidence had a Name, It would be Bhanu Pratap Sharma

This athlete coverage is impressive because you believe in that success is achievable with hard work and confidence. Bhanu Pratap Sharma wins on-stage battles with his steel-will and he is there to leave an impression and make a difference. A must read.

If Confidence had a Name, It would be Bhanu Pratap Sharma

Bhanu Pratap Sharma introduced himself as a 26-year-old who belongs to a middle class Brahmin family. Due to his background, it was unconventional choice for him to opt for a sport like bodybuilding but as the destiny would have it, he started his workout routine in the year 2015 when he was a college going boy.

Like most of the college going boys, his purpose behind starting a fitness regimenwas to look and feel good, leave an impressive impact with a good personality and nothing more to begin with. Gradually, he set his goals to keep himself more motivated and participated in Mr. Delhi Men’s Physique championship. Owing to his hardwork and dedication, in his very first competition, he secured 1st position, won a gold and rose to fame.

This competition was a turning point for him and after this success his confidence multiplied. He never looked back and moved further to pursue his dreams. He went on to become an entrepreneur and became a gym owner after a time period of 6 months. The gym is named Fitmein.

In this way, Bhanu’s passion changed into his profession. Further, in 2017, he participated in Mr. Delhi and Mr. India and grabbed first place in both the competitions. In 2018, he again participated in Mr. India where he landed a silver medal. Lastly, in the end of the year 2018, he participated in Bodypower Fit Factor and again he left a mark by becoming overall winner of this esteemed championship. He didn’t stop there, the very next day, right after winning the Bodypower Fit Factor, he also won Boss Classic championship. Right now, in 2019, he is working hard for earning a Pro-card for India and set new benchmarks for himself in the sport of bodybuilding.

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