IBFF India Shines with National Flag at South Africa World Cup Stage!

IBFF India hit the gold mine in South Africa with its ace bodybuilders recently. The team is coming back with 3 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. It is time cheer for the incredible efforts of the players of IBFF India along with a very promising IBFF team.

IBFF India Shines with National Flag at South Africa World Cup Stage!

The news has been confirmed by Richard James (President IBFF) who posted on his social media wall today about the memorable South Africa World Cup competition. The team has been there to represent India on international stage recently. Our Indian contingent from IBFF India came out with flying tri-colors. IBFF India team was powered by Recoil Fitlab.

Chirag Yadav bagged a Silver in Under 23 category; Mustakim Choudhary walked away with 1 gold in Bodybuilding small, 1 Overall and 1 Pro Card; Amarjeet Amit won a gold in Athletic Bodybuilding tall; Mohit Sharma hit a gold in Men’s Physique category; Harpreet Singh walked away with a bronze in Men’s Physique small; and Devyansh Tandon also won a bronze in Men’s Physique tall.

Richard James (President IBFF India) along with his team held IBFF India Cup competition in April 2019. It was the first after inception of the new governing body of IBFF India. It was immensely successful and he promised that he will be taking a deserving team to the international stage which he fulfilled with South Africa World Cup. Federations must act as a medium to fetch opportunities for the athletes, especially, those who have been contributing and improving constantly in the field of bodybuilding.

The team had a wonderful experience in South Africa owing to the hospitality of Mr. Arnnie William (President, IBFF South Africa) and Ms. Tracy William (Vice President, IBFF South Africa). While giving statement to bodyandstrength.com, the Indian team extends a profound thanks to them.

Indian fitness industry and bodybuilding community looks forward to more such feats by IBFF India nationally and internationally.

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