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How To Tone Glutes Fast?

Many people want to strength and develop their glutes. To help you start building strong glutes, here’s 5 of the best glute exercises with step-by-step instructions.

How To Tone Glutes Fast?

Glutes are commonly known as your butt. But when it comes to your physical health, having solid glutes is essential. They are the essential mobilizers of the hips and thighs so when we sit, stand, hop, or indeed climb steps, the glutes are locked in for all these functions.

Your glutes consist of three muscles:

  • Gluteus maximus - This is responsible for hip extension, like when you are walking, and lateral rotation of the thigh, such as swinging your leg.
  • Gluteus medius - This is responsible for the movement of your leg away from your body, like when you're stepping out of bed, and balance.
  • Gluteus minimus- This is the smallest of the three muscles and helps with walking and rotating your legs.

To help you start building strong glutes, here’s 5 of the best glute exercises with step-by-step instructions.

1. Single Leg Step-ups

  • Stand adjacent to a bench with back straight.
  • Place hands on your waist or hold one or two dumbbells at chest level.
  • Put one leg at a 90-degree angle and place it on the bench, keeping the other leg straight and firmly planted on the ground.
  • Drive your body weight through the heel of your left leg and push off your right foot simultaneously.
  • Pause and hold your weight at your chest in the air for a second.
  • Slowly return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

2. Fire Hydrant

  • Start on your hands and knees — your knees should be touching and your hands should be shoulder-width apart and directly below the shoulders.
  • For added resistance strap on ankle weights, tie a resistance band above knees, or do both.
  • Keep your back straight and look directly towards the floor at all times.
  • Lift one leg up and away from your body at a 45-degree angle, keep your knee positioned at 90 degrees, and try to lift it until aligned with your hips.
  • Slowly lower it back to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

3. Glute Bridges

  • Lie flat on your back on a mat or comfortable surface.
  • Place your arms extended by your sides with your palms face down on the ground or use your hands to hold a dumbbell on your hips for added intensity.
  • Position yourself close to the bench so that your legs are situated at 45 degrees when resting your heels on its surface.
  • Lift yourself upwards into a straight position by squeezing your glutes and driving your body weight through your heels.
  • Hold the position for one second then slowly release and return to a flat spine.

4. Bulgarian Split Squats

  • Stand about 2 to 3 feet in front of a bench or chair, facing away from it.
  • To increase the intensity, hold one or two dumbbells at chest level.
  • Bring one foot forward, positioned at a 90-degree angle, and place the other foot on the bench behind you.
  • Keeping your torso upright and core engaged, bend your front leg to lower into a squat.
  • Hold for one second, then drive your body weight through your right heel to bring yourself up and back to the starting position.

5. Side Squats

  • Tie a resistance band just below both knees.
  • Stand with feet together in a semi-squatted position.
  • Step a little wider than shoulder-width apart to one side and lower yourself beyond 90 degrees.
  • Make sure to push back with your hips, keep your core engaged, and back straight.
  • Drive through your heel to push yourself back to the original position.
  • Perform the same movement for complete rep count on one side and then repeat on the other leg.

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