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How to Get the Perfect Chest Workout!

It is essential to build your chest muscles to give a definition to your upper body as well as to strengthen your torso. This article will discuss some of the useful workouts for pumping up the chest muscles.

How to Get the Perfect Chest Workout!

Do you like biceps, muscular body and you also want that people should get transfixed at your well-defined physique? A superman-chest is a dream for all, because chest muscles transform your impression from a common person to a powerful one. But it is not that easy, you have to sweat it out in the gym, push beyond your limits and take ample nutrition – all this with a consistency of the flow of a river, where nothing and no one can stop your flow.

Well, all this will remain in your dreams, if you will not work for your dream body, because to get anything, we have to work hard until our dream is not be fulfilled, so now this can be your turn to get your dream body.

If chest muscles are not paid attention to, a gap is left in the middle of your chest and there is no bulge to support rest of your body’s shape, your physique turns out to be imbalanced. Moreover, you can’t expect to build rest of your body when you don’t have strong chest muscles.

We are going to tell you about 5 best chest exercises which will help your build enviable chest. Don’t miss out on warm exercises before starting any workout irrespective of the muscle you are working on.

5 Perfect Chest Exercises

1. Barbell bench press

Doing bench press exercise creates tension on the chest, thereby reducing chest fat and helps in gaining chest muscles, to do this barbell equipment is needed.First you have to lie on the bench, then by taking the barbell in hand, push it upwards with the help of chest muscles.

Before doing this exercise, you must take care of your form and position, otherwise no matter how much weight you lift or how many reps you do, your body will not see a positive effect.

  1. Do not straighten your elbows while lifting the barbell
  2. Instead of holding the wrists bent, they should be held straight, otherwise there is more load on them.
  3. Breathing has an important role in the bench press, so keep the breath in while bringing the weight down and exhale only after taking it up.


Apart from pumping up your chest muscles, your shoulders become widerand stronger than before, your biceps start to form, and it has a considerable impact on back.

2. Dumbbell Bench Press

To do this exercise, you have to first lie on the bench. You have to lie in such a way that the feet are on the ground and the knees are bent.Holding dumbbells in both hands, bring your arms upwards and bring them down. There should be enough distance in your arms. To get the benefit of this exercise, do the exercise again and again.


Dumbbell bench press exercise is a great exercise for the chest. By doing this, you put proportionate tension to your tricepsand shoulders along with chest muscles.

3. Push ups

Everyone knows about push up exercise and it is one of the easy ones, even beginners can do it easily. What more? You do not need any equipment to do it.

How to do this

It is very easy to do this exercise, you have to first come in prone position. After that keeping your hands on the ground, you have to raise and lower its support body.


This is an easy exercise, it can be done anywhere, it plays an important role in increasing the strength of your body.In this exercise, tension is created mainly on the chest muscles, the secondary muscles are triceps, core, shoulders, legs.

  1. The strength of the body increases which helps in doing heavy workouts.
  2. Tension is also created on the arms, due to which the arms are also toned.
  3. The chest gets shaped and strengthened. Obesity is reduced.

4. Chest Dip

Chest Dips is a compound exercise that is done with body weight. Advanced level athletes do this exercise by putting waist weight, so that you work on chest, shoulder, back, triceps muscles. Here, main tension is created on the chest muscles, the rest are secondary muscles. To do this exercise, a device is needed, which is named Assisted Dip Machine, through which this exercise can be done.

How to do this

Do not forget to warm up before doing this, now stand on the leeward platform of the machine or bend your knees, hold the handle of the machine with straight elbows and breathe in normal lane.If possible, by taking yourself down without bending the back, you can make an angle of 90 ° between the forearm and biceps. In the beginning, do 10 reps from work so that your body focuses and tension is created on the muscles.After doing 8-10 reps, give a gap of 1 minute before doing the next set, when you get used to doing this exercise, then add a little weight.


By doing this exercise, tension is created on the chest, due to which chest muscles are made, apart from doing this, tension is also created on the shoulder, triceps, this exercise gives good side cutting on the chest, so that when wearing T-shirt or shirt your look is enhanced, this is one of the best exercises to keep the body in balance.

5. Cable Fly

Whenever it comes to inner chest, everyone likes to do cable fly, doing this creates tension on the inner chest and develops inner muscles.This is considered the best exercise for the chest, doing this stretches your chest very well. The exercise is performed on the machine for the inner muscles of the chest with the help of cables and handles with weighted plates on the cable machine. It is called cable fly or crossover.Doing this exercise, creates more tension than dumbbells.For doing this exercise, one equipment is needed which is called ‘cable pulley machine’.

How to do this

To do this, put equal weight on the cable pulley machine and hold on to the handle attached to it. Keep in mind that while doing this, you should keep your elbows as straight as you can, otherwise your shoulder may get stressed.When pulling the weight forward, definitely contract the chest muscles so that the load can come on the chest. Hold for 1-2 seconds on bringing the hand forward and then when you start feeling the stretch on your chest, then slowly come back to the starting position, this will be called your one representative, similarly do 12-15 reps by applying weight according to your capacity.


  1. Cable fly greatly reduces the risk of shoulder injury.
  2. By doing this exercise, the movement of the back remains correct and the load comes only on the chest muscles,
  3. Here you can move the body according to the cable, so that there is not much load on the shoulder.

All the above exercises must be performed under the supervision of a trained certified coach or a fitness trainer. Each of them needs a specific position and form to be performed with precision. Apart from this, consistency and good nutrition are the most important factors in building strength and shape of the body. Try out above exercises and make them a part of your routine to see the difference

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