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How to Establish a Career in Indian Fitness Industry: Learn to Earn Here!

You call yourself a fitness professional. You have medals, trophies but not a settled permanent career? No secure future in the industry? What should you do, have you set an ambition which utilizes your other aptitudes and talents other than your short-lived image of an athlete? Read this article to have the answer.

How to Establish a Career in Indian Fitness Industry: Learn to Earn Here!

Yes, I am talking about your inner instincts – are you creative, communicative, like teaching, like meeting people, are optimistic and goal-oriented? If yes, welcome to the Indian Fitness Industry which has undergone a paradigm shift in terms of career avenues.

Career in Fitness industry stands a fair scope with its rapid expansion in India. The economy is seeing a full-time boom in the fitness industry. There are several notions plaguing the minds of fitness athletes these days. Since fitness sports are not backed up by government, there is no regulatory body which could specify the structured growth and specify channel of employment here. But on the other hand, this bound to grow to 90bn USD by 2022 that means 2.5 times more chances for products and services to rise in this industry. It is adding to the Indian economy and undeniably, the jobs are surging.

The highlight however, is how you can sell your services and products here. It needs credibility, authenticity and certification along with your own unique factor which could be anything from how you connect to your consumers, how your social image is being projected to them, how well you can communicate your ideas to them, almost every small detail counts!

So what can you do to make the most of the opportunities available in Indian fitness industry or after reading this, your mind should be clear enough to think of creating those opportunities for yourself! From a decade of experience as an educationist, I can guide you on step wise career building and image building in this specific industry. Let’s see how you can do this effectively:

Training and Coaching

While there isn’t one “right” path, there are six things you can do to set yourself apart from 99% of other trainers out there:

  1. Start Practicing to Coach with your known people, family or friends.
  2. Get Certified even it is a basic entry-level certification
  3. Become a complete fitness professional who understands exercise, but also nutrition and quality movement
  4. Learn how to coach real people by focusing on changing psychology and establishing connections
  5. Get business training so you can turn your fitness profession or business into something meaningful and profitable
  6. Commit to a career of constant learning and development by enrolling in advanced programs and build your skills opting for specialization
  7. If you are a coach only knowing anatomy and exercises won’t do. You need to pair it with sound knowledge of apt nutrition for every body type and for people who are prone to lifestyle diseases. Mostly, every third person in India has some kind of lifestyle illness. Hence, take a certification in nutrition science.

Paperwork and authentic certification forms the base for becoming a trainer or a coach. Practical training and nutritional knowledge up-gradation is imperative from time to time. On top of it you should be able to express yourself well, the art training starts from effective communication. If you are not able to put your point across, there is absolutely no business you can excel in. Hence, improve your soft skills such that you can not only win clients but can retain them, have them not only returning to you but also strongly recommending you. Your clients become your strongest publicists in due course of time.

There has been a rise in the number of personal trainers in previous few years which was a conclusion of the improving economy. There is no doubt that the competition in the fitness industry will continue to rise with the improving economy. There is a notion that fitness careers are not well paid in India. Well, you mind is about to be blown. The income in the fitness industry is limited by you only. If you are new in the fitness industry then you should start working on your self-esteem, self-image, and confidence. If you don’t invest in your personal growth and self-development and become the person you are meant to be and reach your fullest potential, your income will never reach its fullest potential.

A career in fitness could range from becoming a basic trainer to a much in demand personal trainer. One could also branch out and get into the area of designing exercise equipment or taking up a job with major hotel group. There are also promising avenues in the corporate sector with many offices investing in in-house gyms or fitness centers. Many trainers have even gone to become entrepreneurs by starting on their own.

Trainers with specialized field and qualification to cater to those with medical conditions have a special place in the industry. There is a huge earning potential and fair deal of good professional services adding value to social health. Trainers training celebrities are stepping up further with their specialty in body transformation according to the role.

Show Business

There is another career bifurcation in Fitness Modelling, Fitness Media Consultants and Brand Agents. These are new avenues being explored. But these require good work on personality and character ethics. This professional avenue can be explored and can be excelled with very good and credible communication skills.

Fitness Models can earn well representing different designers in print and video ad campaigns and brands need not be only fitness brands. Fitness Media Consultants and Presenters can earn well tying up with fitness and sports shows as presenters, which not only increases their market value but makes a brand out of themselves in due course of time.

Brand agents can work on recruiting athletes and fitness models for the brands as they know the industry in and out. Media Brand Agents on advanced level can reap in commission from the media show proceedings by brining sponsors for the creative fitness and sports shows. All this requires good networking and best in class communication skills with a positive and creative mind.

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