How to Compensate After an Indulgence by Ashoo Arya

So it was difficult for you to resist? You couldn’t take it anymore and you gave in? Had that mouthful, heart-full, tummy-full and hands-full of pure pleasure through your taste-buds? And what next? A guilt trip! Isn’t it? Well, relax! This article helps you get over it in a simple way.

How to Compensate After an Indulgence by Ashoo Arya

You ate that, did that and now, you are worried what it will do to you and what else can happen if you did it again because after all each one of us is human right? You end up in remorse, why the hell you did this to yourself, ruining your diet, your efforts of several days. Most of all people are scared that a one-time stand here and there with your favourite desert will devastate your fitness goals altogether.

No one wants that but eventually, gives in to temptations once in a while. The most easily corrupting factor in our psyche is the ‘love for taste’ and food is a temptation we mostly justify ourselves with because we think that’s not a sin. But ask the athletes, the fitness lovers, the people who have tasted a good life because they had control on this desire and this particular temptation, they know what it feels like, no bigger than a sin at times!

According to my experience and experiments with these circumstances, I know that it is not possible for anyone of us to restraint ourselves from treating our minds well, yes, taste is actually a mind and sensation game and this is what we have to give in at times. Let’s not look at it as an irreversible sin and let’s not get absorbed by the tripping guilt. Indulgence is sometimes needed and sometimes harmless but what is important is to know how to make up for it without getting depressed about. See it this way that you are not starting it over again, you are just making up for it in your next meal. How? I will tell you.

One of the Mantras that I believe in is: Enjoy everything that you eat!

Don't feel the guilt at all (that might just increase your stress hormones). Stress hormones in turn interfere with your otherwise healthy system and give your symptoms of unnecessary complications whether it is digestion or feeling sick without any rhyme and reason and I am sure you don’t want that because that is more harmful for your fitness goals than a full-plate of your sumptuously favourite rather ‘unhealthy’ food.

You just have to make sure that if one meal goes off track, the rest of the meals lined up in the day and the coming up days are just the best!

Meaning, if you wish to have an ice-cream or a burger, go for it. But you need to promise yourself that the next meal is the healthiest meal ever, with more fiber (through salads and veggies), good proteins and minimum carbs. That's how we compensate!

Of course, we need to hit higher number of steps too by increasing the activity levels to burn the excess calories that we consumed. Increase a few sets in the gym or a little more time of your exercise in the following days and then resume normal routine.

Once you know how to strike a balance, life will be a lot more easy and you will be able to enjoy everything intermittently without craving for taste and also, without starving yourself. Not eating is absolutely no way to compensate. Just eat right and eat clean, go low on harmful calories in your coming up meals, after your moments of indulgence with food. Enjoy!

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