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How to Boost Testosterone Naturally

This article reflects views and experience of Yatinder Singh, an Indian bodybuilding icon who has a YouTube channel to educate and guide people in fitness, especially, in areas other than metros. Testosterone is a vital hormone in males, this article guides how its levels can be raised naturally without injections.

How to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is a male hormone which is naturally produced in body. It starts decreasing after 40 years of age, however, in present times, levels are found to be low in youngsters as well due to reasons such as lack of physical activity, stress, sedentary lifestyle, obesity and poor eating habits. It may lead to certain effects in body such as gynecomastia, weak sexual power, weak muscle growth, mood swings, poor bone health and hair loss etc.

Free Testosterone and Total Testosterone are the tests through which you can get to know the levels in body. These days, youngsters have started injecting testosterone to improve their muscle growth which is very harmful as body may stop natural production of testosterone once you start injecting it.

Testosterone is an essential hormone in males and hence, be produced naturally. There are few measures which when taken in discipline, can considerably boost testosterone levels in the body natural manner. If you are found low in testosterone hormone, you must practice the following steps to gain your health back. We must always remember that shortcuts never bring long-lasting effects, no matter what so stay away from artificial and shorter ways of boosting testosterone levels.

Six ways have been observed to bring in desired results:

  1. Ashwagandha and Shilajit: These are natural herbs and are easily available on medical stores. Good thing is that they don’t have any side effects whatsoever.
  1. Physical Activity: The more you make the machine of your body move, the more productive it becomes. Strength training is the most beneficial in this case, do not ignore compound movements. It is important to exercise daily or do concentrated physical activity for 45mins to 1hr, 4 times a week.
  1. Diet: The beneficial foods for keeping you in good shape and good health are green leafy vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, fatty fish, good fat, chicken, eggs, ginger and garlic. Yatinder wents on to suggest from his personal experience to take anardana (pomegranate) with curd.
  1. Micro nutrients: Vitamins and minerals which support testosterone balance in the body are - zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B complex and vitamin D. If you are found deficient in any of the given nutrients then you hormone levels can trip the scale.

You can have multivitamin supplementation as per doctor’s advice and must sit in morning sunlight for vitamin D.

Deficiency of these nutrients can increase cortisol due to which testosterone decreases. Enough of these will help reducing cortisol which in turn will keep testosterone levels high

You must avoid processed food, reduce sugar and salt intake. You have to follow a discipline and avoid alcohol and smoking altogether.

  1. Maintain body fat % range between 8-16%: High body fat leads to increase in estrogen and reduced testosterone, hence, it is important to keep body fat percentage within the specified range. The key is to be fit enough to attain a balance in natural hormones inside the body.
  1. Lifestyle Changes
  • Good sleep - 10 pm -5 am best time, avoid blue light 1 hour before sleep, wear loose clothes while sleeping
  • Live stress free - meditate and give some time to your hobby
  • Keep your body cool

Watch Yatinder Singh’s latest video on his YouTube channel to gain detailed knowledge on the above discussed subject.

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