How Protein Can Help gain Lean Muscle Mass

A high protein intake boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and assists healthy fat-loss. Protein helps you gain lean muscle mass and it works via several different mechanisms. Read further to know more.

How Protein Can Help gain Lean Muscle Mass

Protein changes the levels of several weight regulating hormones. Your weight is actively regulated by your brain, particularly and area called hypothalamus. In order for your brain to determine when and how much to eat, it processes multiple different types of information. Some of the most important signals to the brain are hormones that change in response to feeding. A higher protein intake actually increases the level of satiety hormones GLP-1, peptide YY and Cholecystokinin while reducing your levels of hunger hormone, ghrelin.

By replacing carbs and fats with protein, you reduce the hunger hormone and boost several satiety hormones. This leads to a major reduction in hunger and is the main reason protein helps you lose fat. It can make you eat fewer calories automatically.

After keeping a check on your fat, which forms the baseline for lean muscle mass gain; let’s see how protein helps in lean muscle mass gain.

  1. Protein consumption helps build lean body mass. However, your diurnal system controls in large part the efficiency in which consumed protein is converted into muscle mass. We are hardwired metabolically to expend more energy in daylight hours. Protein is simply an efficient energy source.
  2. Recovery is the most important part of your workout. Although exercise increases lean body mass, it also increases stress hormone release, which results in the breakdown of muscle protein. The best way to minimize the protein breakdown is to intake a specially formulated beverage during the recovery window – the 45 minutes post-exercise when enzyme systems responsible for repair and rebuilding of protein are activated. Supplementation with Onelife 100% Whey Protein Isolate accentuates muscle recovery and lean muscle mass gain.
  3. Drink a protein shake before bed. The sleep interval is the longest period of fasting. To maintain metabolic function during 6-8 hour sleep interval, your body releases cortisol. It is a catabolic hormone and increases the break down muscle protein so that it can be utilized for energy. That is why cortisol levels are highest when you are awake again. One way to minimize cortisol levels in your body while sleeping is to take a protein shake before going to sleep.This protein shake must include a quality supplements like Onelife 100% Why Protein Isolate, because dependable quality is important for seeing results.
  4. Consume protein during workout. Although carbohydrates is the primary energy source, during exercise (40 minutes and above) upto 20% of your energy can be derived from protein breakdown. Hence, during workout a good protein mix using a quality protein like that of the Onelife
  5. Lose fat and not muscle when you diet. No matter if you are dieting for weight loss or lean muscle gain, you must focus on losing fat. Protein is the building block for muscle tissue and hence, supplementing yourself with good whey protein isolate like that of Onelife, not only helps you keep your muscle intact while you exercise but also builds them further to fill in the place of fat with muscle, giving you a shape and fitness that you always wished for.

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