How Papiha Balanced Life to Become a Successful Fitness Model

It is not about figures, it is about your fitness goal. It is about your dreams. Papiha Amuley’s transformation journey lead her to become one of the fitness models she once admired! Read how this multi-talented multi-tasker achieved braved the tough road!

How Papiha Balanced Life to Become a Successful Fitness Model

Papiha Amuley is a civil services aspirant, a medical nutritionist and lecturer by profession and a fitness model by passion. She was born in Indore (MP) and was brought up in Pune (Maharashtra). She is 24 years young. 

As she puts it, fitness has always been her passion and it has now become her lifestyle. She believes in clean eating, regular exercise, regular reading and spending some quality time with her family apart from her work and responsibilities. She always loved to be a multi-tasker. She has been serving as a lecturer since 2 years with a renowned MBA training institute. She also provides online transformation programs. She enjoys spreading fitness love and knowledge among people.

She says, “I was always inclined towards dance and sports but just to accompany my sister, I joined a gym in 2012 and that's how I drew a fitness oriented friend circle. It was when Instagram was new, my friends used to follow all top fitness models in the town and used to appreciate their fitness. That was the time I thought why can't I? And found myself falling for the weights!” She transformed herself and came down from 55 kg to 48kg, though the numbers are not big but the difference is apllaudable.

She further adds, “The most difficult part of my journey was managing studies and fitness modelling together. Regular fitness is easy to maintain but when it comes to the competition, I need to focus more on my diet and workout and then it is hard to focus on studies and teaching when you are low on carb.”

Nevertheless this damsel managed to land a list of achievements to her kitty. She has been placed in top 10 in fit factor India at the bodypower expo in Jan 2018. Also, she has been qualified for the first rounds of India’s Dancing Superstar and Dance India Dance. She has also represented my State in 200m and 400m running championship. She has been awarded gold in National Talent Search and Balashree Awards Maharashtra.

All this couldn’t have been possible without proper time management. She tries to keep time slots for each activity the entire day or week. If she has shoots, she makes sure that it only happens on weekends so that she has weekdays for studying, teaching and maintaining her regular fitness.

Basic Workout Schedule

4 day cycle starting the week with legs then shoulders then back and lastly, chest. She tries to incorporate functional training and abs in between these. Regularity is the key.

Basic Diet

Her diet is a flexible one. She just makes sure that she is sticking to her calorie intake per day and choosing healthier options, be it at home or from the menu when she is eating out.

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