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How Neeyru Sharma Won Over PCOD! - Episode 3

Neeyru Sharma is one of the real transformers who believes in putting health first to lead a happy life. In this episode she proudly shares her story and hurdles.

A mother of two children, Neeyru's life becomes unique on the turning point when she decided to become fit declaring a fight against PCOD, a lifestyle disease which makes it even more difficult to lose weight! She decided this at a point when people would tell her that now she is past a certain age, has a family to look after hence, she no more needs to stretch herself like this.

Despite all the notions, she chose her health first. She told bodyandstrength. com that she was 85 kg woman who was a teacher, a homemaker and had to take care of her children and whole of the family, when she got diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease. Her doctor told her that this is almost an irreversible lifestyle disease and she has to take medicines whole of her life. The least relief can be that doses of medicines can be less if she gets better in future.

Hearing this, she resolved to get rid of this disease by getting fit. She couldn't digest the fact that despite everything being balanced in her life, her health was not at all balanced. She was good at handling homefront, teaching students and taking care of nutritional needs of whole of her family but in all that multi-tasking, she lost connection with herself. This is a story of every other woman in India but one who realizes the need and importance of self-care and good health, is the one who grows past all challenges. What is required is some extra effort for yourself daily, consistently, and enjoy the process of mental and physical change in yourself. It is about choosing an active lifestyle with good health or choosing a life dependent on medicines. Neeyru chose the former.

The good thing was that Neeyru was always an early riser and she still is. This solved half of her time management issues. She wakes up at 6 am and spends an hour with herself exercising or stretching for half an hour and meditating for another half. Afterwards she begins her day with all household and family work inline. Neeyru defeated all lifestyle diseases. She gets her full-body check up every year on her birthday and she is perfectly healthy and fit.

After she transformed herself, she became a certified zumba and yoga trainer, she is also a nutritionist and fitness consultant. She moved a notch up by establishing her own fitness studio in South Delhi. She wanted to help others fight their lifestyle disorders and stay fit, hence, being owner of a fitness studio became a rewarding career for her. Now, she has 3 studios in South Delhi where she works out daily for 1 or 1 and a half hours in the evening. Her chain of Transformation studios have helped many reclaim a healthy and fit life.

She shuttles from home to studio thrice each day to manage both efficiently. Time management and a certain discipline takes the front seat in her life. She takes regular homemade Indian diet of roti, vegetables, curd etc but keeps it balanced throughout the day. She avoids junk and tops her diet with fresh fruits, milk, dry fruits, some extra protein rich ingredients and Omega 3 tablets for good overall health, skin and hair included.

She tells that her exercise in the evening isn't all about a specific routine. She does all sorts of workouts whether it is yoga, pilate, weights or zumba - depending upon the need of her body. The crux is to be relaxed in mind and then stress your muscles out for good results in the long run. She doesn't stick into one routine only because her flexible workout routine gives her freedom to maintain her exercise regimen anytime anywhere. She guides her clients to successful transformation in her studio, keeping this factor in mind. Her client's testimonial is perhaps the proof of her passion for fitness and indepth understanding of the psychology behind fitness. Watch whole of the episode 3 to know her journey coming from Neeyru, first hand.

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