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Home Biceps and Triceps Workout for Bigger Arms!

Building biceps and triceps at home is a task which seems difficult if not impossible. But if you know exactly what you have to do and what exercises will impact you, you can perhaps make it look easy. In this article Yatinder Singh guides you on how to build biceps and triceps at home.

Home Biceps and Triceps Workout for Bigger Arms!

Biceps and triceps make the power statement you wished to own whole of your life. At the same time, you would find it difficult to build or maintain when you are at home. Given today’s circumstances, it has become all more important to learn to use your mind and break free from dependency on equipment so that you can exercise just about anywhere.

Yatinder used bucket filled with water, full length towel and chair or stool while training at home. You also can use simple props and tools to workout your biceps and triceps at home, feeling the same rush of energy in your muscles as you would do in a gym.

If you wish to know more about how to use the props more effectively, the most recent video which Yatinder Singh has released on his YouTube channel shows it all. The innovative hacks and tips will enable you exercise effectively in better posture, using full range of motion during your workouts. However, the intensity of workout at home, may not match the gym machines but of course, it will make you feel pumped up if performed with control and balance.

It is imperative to be consistent if you look for building muscles at home. Yatinder Singh stresses on good nutrition to back up your workout because without it, no matter how much you exercise, the results will not come.

Yatinder performs workout in Supersets (which you can do 12-15 reps X 4-5 sets of each)

Supersets are performed by alternating sets of biceps exercise with triceps exercise. Here you can pair as given.

Superset 1

Standing Towel Curl and Back Dips

Superset 2

Bucket Preacher Curl and Bodyweight Tricep Extension

Superset 3

Seated Towel Curl and Diamond Pushups

You might be thinking why we do different exercises for the same muscle group? Well, muscles have complex attachments and different contours. For maximum growth of a muscle group, it requires complete simulation of muscle fibers in all direction. A single exercise may emphasize one head and put less emphasis on the others. Different variations of the same exercise will work different heads, leading to more balance and hypertrophy.

Hence, if you are working out at home, it becomes all the more important to do different exercises and if possible perform supersets for the same group of muscles. In absence of machine equipment and its intensity, this not only will make your session interesting but also will yield better results if not the best.

Watch the above workout’s detailed video on https://youtu.be/uskz4I9JH2I on Yatinder Singh’s official YouTube channel.

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