Himanshu Tyagi: Cyber Security Analyst and A Men’s Physique Athlete!

Himanshu Tyagi is Full Time IT Engineer, works 9.5 hours a day and then works out for his Men’s Physique championships. He has many achievements to his credit. Read this athlete coverage to find out how he balances time to pursue his passion!

Himanshu Tyagi: Cyber Security Analyst and A Men’s Physique Athlete!

I am Himanshu Tyagi,a 28 years old from Ghaziabad.I am an IT engineer and currently, working as Cyber Security Analyst at DXC Technology, Noida. I am anInternational Men’s Physique Athlete, Fitness Expert and have beenNational level basketball player.

The most challenging part during my contest prep was to manage my job and workoutschedule.As I had to go for training twice a day along with my job which is 9.5 hour a shift and that too isrotational. To prepare my meals by my own.Also, had to manage time for my clients for their diet and training plan. I lost 7 kg weight in-just 8 weeks when I went to Italy for World Championship!

I go for cardio session after completing my shift (i.e rotational). Then I go off to sleep for 7 hours.Once I wake up, I prepare my meals for rest of the day.After that I go for strength training and then I go to office directly from gym.That’s how I manage my daily routine.


  • 7th place in world championship in Italy 2018 in Men’s Physique/Fitness Model
  • 5th place in Nationals (Mr & Mrs India bodybuilding contest) in Agra 2018
  • 5th place in all India in bodybuilding (85-90 kg) in Una Himachal Pradesh 2018
  • 7th place in Delhi classic (State) in Men’s Physique category
  • Placed in Top 15 in Boss Classic 2018 in Goa
  • 7th place in Amateur Olympia in Mumbai 2019
  • . Placed in Top 10 in Boss Classic Delhi 2019 in Male fitness Model
  • Placed in Top 8 in Boss Classic Delhi 2019 in Men's Physique category

Workout Routine

I workout 6 days a week, I start my training with stretching before my weight training and end it with cardio stretching. I like to play basketball on weekends.

  • Monday- Chest
  • Tuesday- Shoulder
  • Wednesday- Legs (quads)
  • Thursday- Back
  • Friday- Arms (biceps & triceps)
  • Saturday- Legs (hamstrings)
  • Sunday- Rest day
  • Saturday and Sunday: Basketball game for 2 hours per day

Basic Diet

Diet is something which can change you every single day,week or month.one must be consistent to it.My diet is mostly focused on required calories that I can burn easily.I usually make sure that I keep myself on more of protein intake and complex carbs loading before and after workout.For me, diet play an important role in your bodybuilding and regular fitness regime.

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