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HIIT: The Ultimate Fat Loss Workout with Rachana Singh – Team Metapure

If Fat Loss is becoming a challenge considering your busy life, HIIT can rescue you. The exercises are done with fast intensity, take less time, and require no equipment. With consistency, fat loss becomes an easier task. Rachana Singh demonstrates 3 anywhere anytime HIIT moves in this article.

HIIT: The Ultimate Fat Loss Workout with Rachana Singh – Team Metapure

Rachana Singh is a fitness freak and believes in keeping a balance in life to be fit. She is a corporate professional and time is something which she has to make to pursue her passion. She hence, shares with you her secret of staying fit and keeping harmful fat away – HIIT workouts. Being a fitness coach and enthusiast, she believes that HIIT is the best way to lose body fat along with right nutrition, especially, if you are on the go all the time.

She explains how to do HIIT exercises like Pushups, Mountain Climbers and Squats to the maximum of their potential. Form, breathing and intensity plays a great role in bringing out the results in HIIT workouts.

Rachana Singh trusts QNT Sport Metapure and a few other QNT supplements to take care of the nutrition needs of her hectic life and given the fact, that she has to maintain a physique as well apart from being fit. She used the Metapure after the demonstrating the exercises for this article.

Here are 3 HIIT exercises which you can quickly begin your day with to spend rest of the fit and filled with energy.

1. Pushup

Bring yourself into a high plank position with your feet a bit wider than hip-width apart. This will give you more stability. Think about wrapping your shoulders back, but keeping your ribcage knit together. Everything is super engaged in your core.

The direction of hands on the ground should be straight forward and not sideways. As you lower down, elbows should point out. Don’t let them flare out but don’t let them too close to the body either. Then push into your entire hand and press yourself back up. Breathe in while going down and breathe out while coming up. Time this for 5 minutes in a row, as many reps as you can.

2. Mountain Climber

After finishing with first round of pushups, take a breather of 1 minute and start with Mountain Climber which is one of the best cardio exercises till now and is excellent for fat loss. Start in high plank position Make sure your head aligns with your body.

Quickly draw your right knee into your chest and extend the leg back as you bring your left knee into your chest. To raise your heart rate, run your knee as quickly as you can in this position. Do not let your butt come up breaking the alignment of your body and do not let your hands migrate out in front of your shoulders. Keep breathing steadily throughout. Give 5 minutes to this exercise. This is a whole body exercise and has an impact on almost all body parts at a time.

3. Squats

After a rest of about 1 minutes, begin with squats. Whether you are doing weighted squats or free ones, you must do squats in the right form to benefit from this compound exercise like all other exercises. Do not let your knees protrude out of the alignment of your ankles while going down. Keep your torso straight, try not to bend forward or swing free to maintain a steady balance throughout.

Start with assuming a chair like position with your back up straight, glutes stretched out behind and knees bent in alignment with your ankles. Keep breathing steadily throughout the workout. Give 5 minutes to this one. While doing weighted squats, concentrate on your lower back which takes the weight down and not your shoulders, do not mess with the straight and steady position of your neck to avoid injuries.

The above HIIT round only takes 17 minutes maximum and 3 exercises which engage all of your body muscles, makes strong core, glutes, legs, chest, biceps and triceps while shedding extra fat off your body. Take care of your nutrition which is fuel for your fitness journey. No exercise can bring results without good nutrition. If you can’t get it from food, get it with quality supplements.

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