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Healthy and Happy Holi Celebrations are Not a Myth!

Holi marks the change of season as summers start knocking the door. This season, looking after your health and yet, doing justice with the festive spirit becomes a challenge for people. No more, read this article to know how you can enjoy Holi without messing up with your fitness goals!

Healthy and Happy Holi Celebrations are Not a Myth!

Holi celebrations are a bit messier than Diwali in India. People want to enjoy and have fun with colors and at the same time are worried about their skin, hair and health issues, which are bound to follow in one form or the other after Holi. The aftermath of great festival of India is often seen on skin  as infection or acne eruptions, on the hair as they get brittle and rough due to use of Holi colors on them and on overall health and fitness due to consumption of Holi savories, sweets, especially, the famous and sort after ‘ghujiya’. On top of all this, people are high on ‘bhang’ thandai and liquor, which is again hazardous.

Holi is a festival of enjoyment and loads of fun and mutual brotherhood among people. People just let them be free around this festival. But we must realize that ‘freedom’ doesn’t mean taking a toll on our health. So let’s see how we can make Holi a fun-filled one without compromising on our health.

Small Portions

Enjoy savories in small portions. Taking small portions with loads of water intake ensures that you are not hogging on harmful stuff and keeping your taste buds satiated at the same time.

Detox Drinks

Apart from flushing your system with water intake, you must have detox drinks like green vegetable juices and green tea at least twice a day so that it will help strengthen your immune system, particularly, in this season. Stay away from alcohol and bhang because you need to be in your senses to take care of your health.

Start Your Day with Nutritious Breakfast

Start your day with a breakfast loaded with nutrition and cut clean off any carb or bad fat in it so that your body can make up for whole day’s random eating once you are busy with the festivities. Morning hours spent on your self can actually be the saviors for you in this season.

Herbal or Homemade Colors

Use homemade and healthy colors to ward off skin problems. Turmeric powder, wheat flour, dried and powdered flowers make a recipe of good colors. If you are not sport enough to make colors at home then go for some authentic Indian herbal colors available in the market. Don’t just pick any color without reading the packaging.

Prepare before Stepping Out

Before you go out to play colors with friends and family, put coconut oil on your skin and hair and let it settle a bit. A covering of nourishing oils forms a layer on your skin and hair. This layer prevents absorption of color or any other harmful chemical in your body and makes it easy to wash off with soap and shampoo in the end of the day. Also, it will prevent your skin and hair from drying off after washing.


There is nothing that beats a good exercise in the changing season. Try out new workouts and Holi is after all not about sitting idle, you have to keep moving to meet and greet people, hosting them at home and of course, dancing and celebrating. To keep your stamina up, start your day with yoga stretches and workout.


All the festivities can actually wear you off so before joining work the next day of Holi, you must take a good night’s sleep and proper rest. Let your senses and body recover from an out-of-the-routine celebration activity and avoid over exerting yourself. Balance is the key to good health whether Holi or normal life!

It is more fun to not to lose your healthy routine and still be able to enjoy Holi! It is an achievement to balance life and once it gets into your habit, it will be no more seem difficult to you. It is only the matter of consciousness and no other efforts are required. Enjoy a colorful and joyful Holi!

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