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Health, Fitness and Longevity Secrets of Japanese Women

Read this article and bring the goodness of healthy and fit life of Japan to your life. In the end, it is all about discipline whether for women or men. Exercise, food and good habits for a whole some routine for long and healthy life.

Health, Fitness and Longevity Secrets of Japanese Women

Japan is well known for its extremely hygienic environment. It is a known fact that in Japan people live very long. Especially the Japanese women are considered to be delicate, fit and are blessed with natural beauty. This is because of their way of living and the rich culture. They consume very healthy food, exercise physical work and keep their surroundings clean.

It is no surprise to see Japanese women do heavy work with ease and carry on a day’s task with unmatched stamina.

It may be beyond our comprehension, but it’s quite normal for them. They have imbibed some really good values and preserved their cultural beauty. This is the reason behind their higher life expectancy and technological advancement. Japanese people are also very laborious and continuously strive towards excellence.

In order to disclose the mystery behind the natural beauty and longevity of Japanese women we need to understand these 7 important components.

1. Consuming Green Tea

Green tea has numerous health benefits. It is prepared from Camellia sinensis leaves. It is loaded with antioxidants and essential nutrients that are beneficial for human body in many ways. This beverage improves brain function, reduces body fat and boosts metabolic rate.

2. Consumption of Fermented Foods

The process of Fermentation was used in ancient times to preserve food, enhance shelf life and improve flavor. In many cultures fermented food is an important part of the diet. The microorganisms contributing to the process of fermentation are associated with several health benefits. As a consequence, fermented foods are considered good for health. They are also laden with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

3. Seafood is too good

Sea food is nutrient rich. It is consumed by people of Japan on a regular basis. Japanese include different types of squid, fish, eel and shellfish in their meal. Seafood serves as an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

4. Walking is preferred

Japanese people prefer to walk. Walking is considered as a ritual in Buddhism. Since majority of Japanese people are Buddhists, they practice walking meditation. It is a simple exercise with lots of health benefits. It is good for healthy heart and it manages the level of cholesterol. It also lowers body fat and increases mental well-being. Walking is very good for brain, muscles and overall health.

5. Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial arts reflect a popular style of physical combat. It was used by Japanese Samurai and has evolved into many forms which include Aikido, Laido, Judo and Karate. These Martial arts have abundant health benefits. They are good for muscles of our body and also for the maintenance of healthy heart. Martial arts can improve our fitness, confidence, concentration and reflexes. It is a great way to make people disciplined.

6. Healthy Desserts

Japanese desserts comprise fruits and ingredients like rice and sweet beans. These desserts are usually low in sugar. Mocha is an important dessert in Japan. Its main ingredient is rice and stuffs like sweet red bean, strawberries etc. Dorayaki is another popular Japanese dessert made from chestnuts and whipped cream. These desserts improve health of people.

7. Natural Abundance

Japan is unique. The enchanting view of mountains and wildlife reserves attract tourists from all over the world. People of Japan conserve their natural habitat. Therefore, the level of pollution in Japan is quite low. Japanese people remain physically and mentally fit because they live in a pollution-free environment.

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