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Has the Social Mirror trapped your gains?

No doubt! Social media is a great platform but you should know how to regulate it.

Has the Social Mirror trapped your gains?

How social media is ruling the psyche and physique alike in India is an incorrigible example. The Indian fitness industry is literally thriving on social media attendance and attention. Not as if it is something which all the other industries are not seen on, but fitness industry needs to grow out of it, making the best possible use of it to connect to their organic fans. Because you step out, and lo behold! It is not the same world for you… even after getting blue ticks, you need to introduce yourself at every nook and corner of the world. Again there is no harm in introducing yourself, but there is harm in living in an illusion and masking all the other good opportunities to be in touch with the world, the world’s sensitivities and becoming the public figure of the cadre which speaks of fitness on all the platforms and not only preaches physical gospels of it.

The time has come that the closed industry comes out of the well and experiences a life inside the brain map of the country, inspiring others and motivating themselves at every possible step. Social media has also been able to stamp stereotypes in the minds of the users when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding. The stereotypes conform to the scales of models and actors more with leaner and fit to frame looks. The stereotypes conform to well-cut face apart from chiseled body. The expectations are a notch up every time a new heart-throb comes up whether male or female. Females with muscles are still to be accepted and appreciated their due of hard work.

For example, back in old days, there was no presence of social media and bodybuilders were not doing it for someone else’s entertainment or gaining attention. The focused body transformers were sincerely, hitting to gain mass, muscles, strength and power. They were more focused on getting the best out of their body instead of making it the best for others to appreciate. Although social media has its own advantages as it helps connecting with people and growing businesses, it also overshadows the purpose of fitness and bodybuilding altogether fiving a momentary social high to the users and nothing substantial to help them further with their goals.

The truth is different for every kind of body. Each person is different and each body is different too. Hence, every one couldn’t reach a standard shape cut out of the acceptability meter but of course, there are fitness parameters to be reached to get out the best from yourself and your body. The right education, scientific evaluation, right awareness, body specific nutrition and scientific workout variations are needed to be incorporated and the glass of conformity given to you by the social media has to be put aside before matching up your fitness goals and standards. Loving yourself and appreciating yourself, pays off the best in the end when you finally, make it to your ambition, and of course, mass following follows automatically.

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