Harshit Chhabra: Destist Turned Fitness Trainer's Transformation

Harshit Chhabra her profound journey - a mother of two, who decides to be more energetic, more fit to be able to enjoy with her naughty kids. She not only transformed herself but also switched her career to become a Fitness Trainer and Sports Nutritionist.

Harshit Chhabra: Destist Turned Fitness Trainer's Transformation

I am Harshit, 33 years old from Hyderabad, mother to two wonderful kids aged 6 and 4. I am a certified trainer and also a sports nutritionist. I am a fitness lover and also love helping people in their fitness journey. Although I started my fitness journey quite late but I would say there is no looking back. Once you fall in love with how your body is rewarding you back with the hard work you put in, you fall in love with the process.

I am a dentist by profession but I was not able to pursue my career as I moved to Singapore after 1 year of marriage. My journey to fitness started with a daily routine with my husband. My husband was into fitness, and the gym time started becoming our dating time, while he used to pick up weights, I used to just want serials on the treadmill, walking at a slow pace. 

So when I moved to Pune, I thought of taking fitness professionally. I loved fitness, It was a great opportunity for me as very few people get the chance of turning their passion to profession. So I did my ACE certification and also a K11 course too. The journey has been incredible since then as I got to learn new things every day.

My journey to fitness started after my kids were born. My inclination towards fitness also has made me a very active mom. I encourage my kids also to do a lot of fitness related activities. Both my kids are into basketball and gymnastics.


I am an ACE certified trainer. I am also a certified sports nutritionist. I am consulting a lot of my clients to help them achieve their fitness journey.

I give personal training where I am able to teach my clients the right techniques and methods for workout. Before moving to fitness I was working as a dentist in a private clinic.


Working with clients, having a grueling workout schedule, but also having a proper measured diet is important. Fitness is not a 9 to 5 job, your day starts with a healthy breakfast to a healthy and well balanced dinner.

Balancing work, along with my two naughty kids can get challenging, I end up multitasking between teaching them and my clients, making sure I devote enough time to both.

Time Management

My day starts very early with a yoga class at 6 in the morning, followed by workout in the gym till 8:30. I try to do most of my workouts in the morning before my kids wake up. 

I take personal training classes both in the morning and evening time, and the afternoon time is the time I spend playing and teaching my kids. 

Later in the evening, I spend time to write diets for my clients and spending some time catching up on the latest research on exercise and nutrition. 

Decision to Transform

I started working out initially to have some time to spend with my husband, who himself was into fitness. After my second child, I wanted to get back in shape, and lose the weight gained during pregnancy. 

I started reading about fitness like crazy, following the right and balanced diet, started weight training. This knowledge helped me transform in a healthy way.

Basic Workout Schedule

I start my day with a morning yoga regularly. Then I go to gym where I do my strength training workout which I try to do at least 5 days in a week. In strength training I divide my days according to push pull workout. I also do HIIT training to improve my cardio respiratory endurance which is generally 2 days a week.

Basic Diet

My diet is very basic, simple and can get repetitive, I try to follow a balanced diet with complex carbs, first class protein sources and good fat on a daily basis.

The diet also keeps changing according to the goals but it is always balanced and clean meals for me. I totally avoid sugar in my diet and include natural sugar sources on daily basis.

Cheat meals are once in 10 days where we go out for dinner and enjoy with kids.

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