Harsha Nachane: Strong Will-Power Wins Over Bulging Spinal Disc

I gathered so much courage to share my story with all of you so I can inspire others to come up with their encouraging stories. Believe me! It feels wow after transformation.

Harsha Nachane: Strong Will-Power Wins Over Bulging Spinal Disc

Being an introvert and a shy person, finally, I have the courage to write about my transformation. I am Harsha Nachane from Mumbai. I am a Zumba Trainer. I was never a one with a petite frame. Marriage and one beautiful angel later, I was full of joy.

Mothering is the hardest core and it requires you to be on your toes. It is so easy to stop caring for yourself or to get overwhelmed. But when you stop caring for yourself it reflects your ability to care for your child and your motherhood is impacted.

When my little one turned 3, I realized that I was not strong to pull the wagon, so I started going to the gym. Not only to take care of myself but also to take care of my child.

The transformation journey from 84kg to 62kg in a year’s time was not so easy but yes, when you start seeing that number on the scale dropping everytime you check it, it certainly gives you a real time high.

Transformed lifestyle is much beautiful, stronger and the best part is you look half of your age.

To throw a little bit of light on my career, I was a banker by profession but this transformation journey changed me not only physically but also changed my perspective towards my career. I got so passionate about fitness that I indirectly started promoting fitness and giving health tips to everyone around me. Then I finally decided to switch my career from a banker to a fitness coach.

So I took Reebok certification and got myself Zumba certified as I was smitten by the way fitness and dance combination worked amazingly.

Now I have my own fitness studio named Fitness Express since 4 years in Mulund which is running quite well where we conduct various group fitness workouts.

It really feels nice when people recognize and respect me on the fitness aspect.

I workout five days in a week. I train legs twice in a week and other upper body parts on the other days targeting each muscle each day along with HIIT and cardio at the end.

I follow a very healthy diet. We all know workout is just 20 % and remaining is what we eat makes our body and helps us to reach our goals. I have never done any fad diets or crash diet. My diet comprises of high protein, fiber and low crabs. I include pre and post workout carbs.

Transformation is a process and it is a journey of discovery - there are moments of mountain tops and there are moments in deep despair.

During my fitness journey, I have faced a lot of small injuries but major one was a disc bulge at L5 lumber spine. I was on bed for nearly 5 months. All doctors said it needs a surgery but I was against it as it did not have guaranteed success. It got healed with rest and strong will power.

All doctors had given only one advice of not lifting weights. When you have strong will power and determination, your bounce-back makes you much stronger than before. Injuries give a perspective. They teach you to cherish the moments that you might have taken for granted before. I never gave up on weight training. Now I daily start my day by strengthening exercises and mobility exercises which has helped me to evolve and perform better in lifting weights.

Like Rome, body transformation does not happen in a day. They take time, dedication, commitment, focus and structure. There is no easy route when come to making lifelong changes but drive and discipline go a long way.

No matter what the reason is to put down the hot dog and pick up the dumbbell, key ingredients like nutrition, strength training, HIIT and cardio make your lifestyle healthier.

It is not about perfection, it is about the right effort and when you implement that effort into your life, every single day that is where the transformation happens. That is how change occurs. Keep going. Always remember why you started.

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