Harminder Singh: A Vegetarian Bodybuilder from Punjab

He made bodybuilding his life not because of big and muscular body but because of mind behind the body and passion for bodybuilding.

Harminder Singh: A Vegetarian Bodybuilder from Punjab

I am Harminder Singh 32- year-old from KapurthaIa, Punjab. I completed my graduation from Layalpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar and I have completed my B.P.ed and M.P.ed from Punjab University. I am the owner of a gym, Red Gym in Punjab. I am a dietitian and the bodybuilding show organizer. Apart from that I also judge the bodybuilding shows. My journey of bodybuilding started in the year 2003.

There is a misconception that being a vegetarian Bodybuilder will reduce the growth of muscles due to lack of proteins and nutrients but vegetarian bodybuilders can get the nutrition and proteins from sources like dairy products, soya products and dry fruits.

Most of the people have this question that being a vegetarian is possible in bodybuilding, yes it’s possible and I am a vegetarian bodybuilder. I believe that we can be a world’s bodybuilding champion being a vegetarian. To be a top bodybuilder or an athlete, it’s all about discipline, commitment and passion. It depends on the state of mind of the bodybuilder that being a vegetarian and a bodybuilder is possible at the same time.

I have judged the various shows from national to international bodybuilding championships. It’s not easy to be a judge at the international level because it requires a gold medal in Asia and a master’s degree.

My workout routine is of 4 hours in which I do cardio in the morning and bodyweight training in the evening. I work on my each single muscle every day.

My diet contains dryfruits, green veggies, fruits, soya bean and whey proteins. Water plays animportant role in our lifestyle. So, I drink a lot of water on a daily basis and bodybuilding depends on the proteins not on the steroids.

My recent achievement is a gold medal in Bodybuilding Championship held in Singapore and bronze medal in Super Body.

Bodybuilding is not only showing up your physique in gym or public. It is more than that! Not many people have this kind of passion and dedication.


  • World Participant, South Africa, 2015
  • 4th place in Bodybuilding and Physic Championship, Singapore,2016
  • 4th place in Muscle War, Singapore,2017
  • Asia (Mortal Battle) Gold and Bronze medalist NABBA, Singapore,2018
  • WFF Athlete
  • WFF Certified Judge

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