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Gyms to be Avoided during the Coronavirus Outbreak? Really?

As COVID-19 pandemic takes over many countries in its grip, it’s scare has made people wonder about the place which is considered the strong supporting ground for one’s health and fitness – gyms. We must know some of the facts before deciding not to go to the gym! Read in this article.

Gyms to be Avoided during the Coronavirus Outbreak? Really?

Now when some of the places of people’s assembly have already been closed until COVID-19 risk is settled, most people have been apprehensive about going to the gym. The question is haunting them whether they should ditch their temple of health and fitness to protect their health! That sounds quite contradictory, right! Well, the answer to the question is - No. You don’t need to avoid gym, while it is your prerogative to exercise from home if you can but if you are going to gym, you are as much at risk of getting an infection as you are in going to your office (which you don’t skip on this account) and the given fact is that perhaps even lesser than that.

COVID-19 and most of the other viruses are mostly spread because of transmission through miniscule droplets coming from a sneeze or a cough. In comparison to other viruses, COVID-19 is heavy and settles on surface. It survives on different kinds of surfaces for a certain period of time which lasts from a few minutes on hands to few hours on metal surface. So washing hands frequently, not touching your mouth and face, sanitizing the surroundings (where people keep coming and going) is enough for prevention of an infectious viral disease like COVID-19. Normal soap, hand-wash, and sanitizers are more than enough to get rid of this virus. Gym is like any other place where this should be practiced and you are good to go.

“If you decide not to get any exercise during COVID-19 outbreak, this will put you even more at the risk of catching just about any infection, leave alone COVID-19. Because lack of exercise will disturb your immune system and your metabolism as a whole. So eat healthy, practice prevention measures and don’t miss your workouts.” Says New York based Dr. Parul Saxena. The world needs stronger people both in body and mind, to tackle climatic change and virus outbreak. Exercising and gym workouts make you stronger and you have all the more reason to hit the gym today.

“COVID-19 causing SARS-CoV-2 is a virus which can mutate. In some people, it shows mild symptoms and goes away in a span of few days. Although it hasn’t been ascertained through studies as to why it is mild on some while being fatal on some, the broader outline is ‘stronger immune system’ in people help their bodies fight harder with the virus and virus then takes its time like a regular virus and goes.” Puts Dr. Rishabh Kothari. Hence, if we see closely and clearly at things, we know how important it is to do everything – eating clean, taking enough nutrition, take immunity boosting vitamins and exercising everyday – to make our immune system work against deadly viral or bacterial infections.

Given the fact that a competent gym facility already follows practices like regularly disinfecting their facilities and encouraging members to wipe down equipment after use, which should be effective at preventing spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Health officials say that washing your hands after using shared equipment or spending time in a crowded space can also reduce the risk of getting sick. In order to make customers feel safer, premium gyms do not hesitate to make some extra efforts. Gym-goers must also follow the guidelines religiously and must not share their personal belongings with anyone apart from taking other prevention measures.

In the end, it is all about changing your habits compulsorily. Once these practices of prevention come into your routine, no public place will scare you, at least not the gym where the foundation of a healthy body is built along with stamina and strength to take on your daily life with the confidence of fighting off lifestyle and other infectious diseases.

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