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Gym with a Heart – Ascend Fitness, Mumbai

Our team’s rendezvous with Ascend Fitness gym and its owner was a striking experience and hence, it was imperative for us to put forth what we saw and felt there!

Gym with a Heart – Ascend Fitness, Mumbai

“Oh yes! Why not. If your coverage shot here, promotes fitness, it is worth it.” Zaravan Mistry finished his phone conversation and our team started preparing for our lined up coverage in Mumbai. A media house shoots at different locations. Day in and day out we are required to take permissions and proceed further with coverage. We have done coverage in many gyms till date but Ascend Fitness experience has been different, given the warmth and congenial environment we experienced there from everyone, from staff to the owner.

Zaravan is the Chairman and Managing Director of Ascend Fitness gym in Mumbai. Bodyandstrength.com always brings forth all the good in the industry. This one comes from our team’s experience in Mumbai, one of the best was at Ascend Fitness.

Located in the heart of Mumbai, in the plush business and lifestyle district of Bandra Kurla Complex, the gym has one of the best equipment and health is in the hands of well-trained fitness trainers. Apart from this, what highlights the gym is its stock of some of the heaviest weights!

Its range of clients come from all walks of life from bankers to deal-makers, writers to chefs and working mothers to professional models. The gym commits to make sure that every member reaches her or his targets, and also enjoy the process with expert guidance.

As Zaravan Mistry puts it, “One size fits all can never be an adequate approach in fitness, and therefore the common notions of the 'ideal' body must actually be tailored and tweaked appropriately for each member. We also believe that a target body shape or size is only as important as a healthy way of getting there -- we reject the concepts of crash diets, starvation and so-called miracle methods for weight loss. “

Gym has a scientific approach to its assessment and an amiable relationship with its members, considering them a family member. Ascend Fitness throbs with life, even in Mumbai rains! If you are there in Mumbai and you are looking for a gym that puts human values, practical approach and your health first, focuses on your fitness goals more than you ever did – Ascend Fitness is worth an experience!

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