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Graphology: Analysing Mind and Body via Pen!!

With the worsening situation outside and the frustration within, we often creep into the confines of depression, anger, irritation, stress, and anxiety. Channelize your mental energy with our customized Graphotherapy journal MentaFiig - the mental diet maestro.

Graphology: Analysing Mind and Body via Pen!!

Maintaining a healthy balance between your physical health and mental health is important. One should not turn a blind eye to mental health while maintaining good physical fitness. But, did you know that merely by writing under the guidance of a Graphologist, you could maintain both of them? Yes, handwriting is the best tool to understand your subconscious mind.

The ongoing grievous situation has not only imposed a lockdown on the public places but has also sealed the progress of our fitness goals, with the gyms having been shut down. It might have seemed demotivating at first, but then we took to home workouts and started following a proper diet. However, in this hustle of sculpting our bodies, we often ignore the importance of our mental health. Physical diet and exercise are indeed important, however, following an adequate mental diet, exercising your brain, and keeping it fit and buoyant is tantamount to physical fitness.

With the worsening situation outside and the frustration within, we often creep into the confines of depression, anger, irritation, stress, and anxiety. These are indicators of poor mental health. Illicit mental health can leave an impact on your physical health as well. It can make you sluggish and feel disinterested in your work. Poor mental health is like an abyss, from where it is difficult to creep up.

For this, when on one hand there are many remedies and medications that a medical professional can prescribe you, however, none of these is as effective as Graphotherapy. Graphotherapy is a process of transformation; some conspicuous changes in your handwriting helps in stimulating positive changes in your mind that serve as a proper mental diet, to help your mind stay fit. This therapy has been tried and tested by millions and has been made flawless over the years with strenuous research and implementations. It can do wonders. On top of that, it doesn’t even involve any chemicals being put into your body, unlike the traditional method of taking pills and stimulants.

We have got you sorted!! Yes, you heard it right! The power of PEN and your little determination is enough to keep your mental health up to the mark. Ms. Anuradha Nehra, an internationally certified Graphologist and Graphotherapist can open up the locks and help you discover the new you through her customized Graphotherapy journal called - “MentaFiig - the mental diet maestro”. With her one-to-one sessions, therapy follow-ups, dynamic brain, and breathing exercises one can achieve the balance between the two.

Everyone is born with imbalances, however establishing a balance between your physical and mental health, is what matters. A strong conviction and the trainer’s guidance are enough to help you succeed in your quest for fitness!

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