Good Nutrition Helps to Fight Asthma

Foods loaded with vitamins help in making your lungs stronger and better. Balanced diet is important too. This article stresses upon the intake of vitamin rich food to fight against asthma.

Good Nutrition Helps to Fight Asthma

Food is the source of energy and it helps you in fighting against some diseases too. From ancient times till now all the great civilizations had good food to save you from the deadly diseases. Asthma is also one of the diseases that could be controlled with good food. Balanced diet is the mantra to fight against Asthma. The number of people suffering asthma is increasing day by day. It is happening due to the bad air quality and air pollution. Although you cannot escape from coming outside from your house to avoid inhaling polluted air, there is a way which could help you in surviving and i.e. foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Following list of food items may help in building stamina and immune system of people with asthma.

Vitamins as warriors


The benefit of having Vitamin D in your daily diet is that it can decrease the chances of getting asthma. Vitamin D helps in preventing any infections in respiratory system. It has been found that addition of vitamin D in diet can prevent children and adults from unusual asthmatic attacks. Most importantly vitamin D cannot be found in varieties of food thus, you need to know about the specific foods which have it. You all are well aware of Sunlight being the best source of vitamin D so, consume good amount of sunlight to replenish yourself. There are few others good sources of vitamin D are as follow -

  • Mushroom
  • Egg yolks
  • Fatty fish
  • Juices
  • Cheese


The intake of rich source of antioxidants is very important for asthma patients. This helps body in fighting the toxins that may damage tissues. As well as it improves the function of lungs and control the symptoms of asthma. You must include the sources of vitamin C and E in your daily diet and to do so you need to know the names of those that have it in them.

Sources of vitamin C

  • Kiwi
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Citrus fruits like grapes and oranges
  • Strawberries

Sources of vitamin E

  • Almonds
  • Fruit juice
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Peanuts & Hazelnuts
  • Cereals

Whole Grain Foods reduce chances of Asthma

Healthy diet can save you from many unwanted conditions. Whole grain foods are best example of healthy diet. They have three parts: the bran, the germ and the endosperm. They are very good in fact, even dieticians recommend you to have it. It helps in maintaining your heart health and also prevent from getting any asthmatic symptoms.

List of whole grain foods

  • Whole oats
  • Whole wheat
  • Brown rice
  • Millet (Bazra)
  • Whole Barley

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The fresh intake of fruits and vegetable are also one of the best ways to help you in fighting asthma. Consumption of these can lead to good results in term of asthma. It helps in reviving the dead cells that helps in fighting asthma like diseases to make you better.

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