Glutes & Hamstrings - Day 4

Hey Welcome! Today is LBD workout Day 4 and Fitness Coach Priyanka targets of slow and controlled movements targeting the glutes at all angles, the hips, hamstrings to add shape to the lower body. Of course you'll like it and it's a must try!!

On Day 4 of the 6-week LBD workout, we are going to focus on your strength using only your body weight to target the entire body. This workout is mainly for the glutes and hamstrings. This type of training is important if you want to activate your glutes in order to train them. Your Fitness Expert Priyanka is here to train you on Glute Bridge, Trapbar, Bulgarian Split Squats, Lying Leg curls, and Banded lateral walk.

The glutes are a tricky one to work if you are unable to connect your mind to the muscles during the workout – so relax and aim for keeping thigh tight in leg lifts and squeeze each glute you are using to lift! Slowly take the movements rising and lowering with control throughout!!

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