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Get Shredded and Gain Strength with IFBB Pro Rita Singh -Team Metapure

Have you been wondering how IFBB Figure Pro Rita Singh managed the title and how she keeps on defying age with her level of activity? Rita Singh demonstrates a glimpse of training she did to get shredded and gain strength.

IFBB Figure Pro Rita Singh lets you know that she is a business woman, have been a figure athlete and is now a judge in bodybuilding championships. She writes fitness articles in several magazines being a writer. By passion, she is a classical dancer as well. Her life requires high level of energy, strength and agility. In this coverage, she lets you know what workouts you can do to get shredded and gain strength effectively.

She started with Pull – Up Variations to gain upper body strength and a winged shape over the period of time. It engages the back, lat and triceps. Being a compound exercise, it burns more calories. This exercise will never fail you in giving you that shredded and powerful upper body.

Pull-Up Variations included neutral grip, wide grip and more. The focus is to do bodyweight training with pull-ups, training your muscles from different angles. This gives you amplified results. She tells you to get a knack of this exercise and prepare yourself mentally to do your first pull-up. At first time, you might not make it but do it, brining your body up to whatever level you can in the first go and then take even further than that in the next rep.

Push-Up is a very good exercise for core, chest, shoulders, triceps. It can be done anywhere and comes with many benefits.  Again, here she lets you know how to start with your first push-up and shares her experience with her first push-up. It is important to build you mind to do that exercise first, then you can surely, take on this exercise without compromising with your form because it is very important that you don’t let your form go just to convince yourself that you have done this exercise! She showed that variations with one hand push-up and one leg lifted push-up. She went on to end it by demonstrating a calisthenics version of it.

Next exercise which helps you get shredded and gain immense strength is – Deadlift. She demonstrates deadlift and lets you know how it makes your lower back strong which in turn can make your body stronger. It is a compound exercise and has a powerful effect on your glutes, hamstrings and lower back.

She lets you know that to get shredded and powerful at the same time, it is important to supplement yourself with right protein which you are not able to get from regular food. She makes hers in her shaker with Metapure. She lets you know how it is easily digestible and nitrogen absorption is maximum in it. You get 25gm of protein immediately in one scoop of powder. It is good for everyone who wish to avoid all the calories along with their protein and stay fit. For competing athletes and sports athletes, it is all the more very relevant!

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