Get Ripped in 20 Minutes: HIIT Workout with Fit Mom

Surprised! Well, it is true. Only 20 minutes of your day daily are needed to lose those extra calories and stay in shape with this HIIT circuit demonstrated in the video by a fit mom and nutritionist Diksha Malik. All those who almost lost faith on generating time for exercising in the busy schedule, must watch this energy packed full body workout!

Diksha Chhabra is a certified sports nutritionist, a fitness trainer, a wife and a mother. She believes that environment shouldn’t constrict your capacity and you can hit your fitness goals almost anywhere in the amount of time you have got in hand, if you know the right kind of exercises to do.

Here at, she demonstrates a fat crushing and muscle stamina boosting HIIT cardio circuit which takes only 20 minutes to implement but gives a long term steady desired results. So, now you definitely haven’t got any excuse to skip your exercise whether it is because of time or place. This 20 minutes cardio workout is the answer to all your apparent hurdles towards your journey to a fit, healthy and swift body.

Diksha says that this 20 minutes HIIT workout will be done in 4 rounds and each round will have 3 exercises of 20 seconds each. You have to do 4 sets of one round at a go and then have to take a break of 1 minute before moving on to the other round. The workout rounds will get tougher and will get higher in intensity as you move up from one round to another.

20 Minutes HIIT Workout

Round Exercises Time in Seconds Sets
1 1. Jumping Jacks
2. Push Up
3. Knee Kicks
  REST 60  
2 1. Burpees
2. Jump Squats
3. Shoulder Taps
  REST 60  
3 1. Sprint
2. Manmaker
3. Split Squat Jump
  REST 60  
4 1. Crunches
2. Leg Raises
3. Plank

Round 1

This round is the warm-up round to prepare you for the upcoming rigorous exercises. The purpose of warming up is to increase the temperature of your muscles, putting up a uniform blood flow and opening up all the involved joints in the body. Also, warming up properly means almost no chances of injury if right instructions and right posture is kept during the workout.

  1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is also called star jumps and is a full-body exercise. The best way to warm as it helps the whole body gain the momentum in one go, absorb more oxygen and increase blood circulation.

  1. Push Up

Push Up is a common callisthenic move that engages your entire upper body together right from pectoral muscles to triceps to shoulders and your core. This is an age-old exercise and are a benchmark for increasing core strength. Diksha gives the tip of keeping your core tighter as you lower your body. It needs a lot of strength in your arms and shoulders so make sure that your shoulders are properly warmed up before performing push ups.

  1. Knee Kicks

Knee kicks are the best exercise to warm-up your lower body. It engages your quadriceps, glutes and your calf muscles as well.

Round 2

  1. Burpees

Burpees is the basic functional movement that engages your whole body. You name the muscle group and it is involved while performing burpees – right from shoulders, chest, arms, core to your legs. There is no easy way to do burpees. You can do it slowly or you can aim at hitting a certain number of reps, you just have to make sure that you have a stable stance and full control over your body.

  1. Jump Squats

Jump squats help tone calves, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and core simultaneously. You have to squat as much as you can, making sure that knees are in line with your ankles and don’t come out of it. Now, jump taking your hands above your head in the air and then squat back to complete the rep.

  1. Shoulder Taps

The plank shoulder taps or shoulder taps is a variation of plank where you are not just engaging your core muscles but are also strengthening your arms, glutes, shoulders and wrists. It helps in sculpting your waist line while improving your posture.

Round 3

  1. Sprint

Sprint training is the most explosive training that you can do with the added benefit of building muscles with speed. It helps you to build and define your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves.

  1. Manmaker

If the burpees exercise had father then it would have been Manmaker. It is an advanced and evolved version of burpees. It is a full-body exercise that improves strength and cardiovascular endurance at the same time. With an addition of push ups, Manmaker becomes more strenuous workout than burpees.

  1. Split Squat Jump

The split squat jump or lunges is the key to leaner and stronger legs. It is a great plyometric exercise which works exclusively on your quads, glutes and hamstrings.

Round 4

  1. Crunches

Crunches is the basic workout which works wonders for your upper abs. While performing crunches, make sure that your neck is straight, you are looking towards the ceiling or sky (if outdoors). Keep your hands behind your neck, keep your spine straight and rise above lifting your shoulders up.

  1. Leg Raises

Leg raises is an amazing workout which engages your lower body and lower abs simultaneously. It is a strenuous workout and you have to keep your hands behind your butt to support your spine. Keep your legs straight and slowly, while exhaling lift your legs together.

  1. Plank

It is an easy workout but is great for your core strength. It doesn’t need much of instruction except keeping your body straight, core tight, on both your toes and forearms forming a plank-table with their support.

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