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Functional Fat-Loss with Super Vinay!

Vinayak Patil also known as Super Vinay is skilled in Calesthenics and Crossfit. He shares his functional workout routine with you for fat loss. The exercises are explosive and target full-body engagement. Watch the video coverage to know how you can kill it like he does!

Functional Workouts improve your agility, strength, help you getting shredded and works on your core strength, lower and upper body strength together. They are performed fast, can be done in sets or can be timed. You need to take care of the fundamentals while performing them and begin from a basic level before performing the advanced version of the same. This is to avoid injuries and build a long-lasting strength with regular practice and right technique.

Popularly known as Super Vinay, he is a renowned Men’s Physique Athlete, has been into Powerlifting and is deft in Calensthenics and Crossfit techniques. The multi-faceted brings to you his functional workout regimen which is great for fat-loss, multiplying overall strength and building muscles as well. Here are the 6 most powerful exercises.

1. Muscle-Up

Muscle-Up is an advanced strength training exercise. The basic level of this exercise begins with Pull-Up and Chin-Up and then gradually as you build up strength, you raise up to Muscle-Up. This move involves a technique of a swing movement, once you learn to practice that then Muscle-Up will become easier for you. The beginners can start it with 3-5 reps and as you become acquainted with this workout with practice, you can do 10 reps in a set and can do 5 sets of it. It is one of the best exercises for shredding and it is full-body functional workout.

2. Burpees

Burpees is an advanced form of Push-Up where we do a Push-Up and then immediately take an explosive jump in the air. Again as we come down, we involve our core and again do a Push-Up. It is an ace exercise for burning fat. It improves your explosive strength as well. It is much easier than Muscle-Up and hence, you can do 10-50 reps in a set and you can do 5-6 reps of it according to your capacity.

3. Thrushers

Thrushers is a combination of Military Press and Squats. It is a Crossfit and power movement which requires a lot of strength and is done by crossfitters very often. You use your lower body strength as you squat with the barbell coming down and then you rise up taking the weights overhead for a shoulder press. This workout increases your strength, builds muscles and involves whole of your body.

4. Planks (Plate Drag)

This version of planks is an advanced one which involves weight plates criss-crossing, dragging them with your hands across your torso on the floor as you plank. This is a very wonderful exercise to build your core strength and abs. This is a time based movement and you should be able to do it for 1 minute as a standard. But if you are beginner, you can start with 30 seconds, performing it continuously without break and as you build your stamina and core strength, you can even do it for 2 minutes or 5 minutes depending upon your ability and form at the moment.

5. Jump Squats

Here you have to squat and take an explosive jump immediately after it and then again come back to do a squat. This is a common exercise to improve your lower body strength, your core strength and explosive strength. You can do 5 sets of it with 15 reps each.

6. Dumbbell Push-Up (L-Sit)

This is again an advanced version of Push-Up. Here, you use vertical dumbbell to make your hands stand on it and then do a Push-Up. Immediately after the Push-Up you have to do an L-Sit and then again go back to do a Push-Up. This workout involves your core, increases your Push-Up strength and improves your strength considerably. You can do 5 sets of it with 20-25 reps each.

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