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Full Body Dumbbell Workout – Day 6

Day – 6 of home workout series with Rosie is all about full body workout with dumbbells at home. These workouts strengthen your arms, chest and back while toning whole of your body, further helping in overall weight loss as well.

Rosie demonstrated full body dumbbell workout in this video. These exercises focus on overall toning of the body and are great for fat loss. She starts with her usual warm-up exercises. 4 warm-up exercises include shoulders and warm-up circles, crawl out bend forward (10 reps), crawl out bend forward push-up (10 reps / 2 sets) and beginner’s push-up 20 reps / 2 sets.

She began with her first workout for the day which was upright press (20 reps / 3 sets). This is a good exercise for your back muscles and shoulder strength, you take position and keep your arms with weight according to your strength, at 180 degree with head and shoulders as shown in the video. Now, you take the dumbbells up and bring back to starting position. All this while, you have to keep your core in control and back straight. Second workout she did was both hand up together & behind (10 reps / 3 sets). The flow variation to dumbbell exercises engages whole of your body on workout after another while breaking the monotony of only lifting. You start with making arms rotate towards one side around your head and then perform a lunge on one side. Similarly, you repeat on the other side.

Both hand side-up with squat flow (10 reps / 3 sets) was the next exercise on her list where she holds the dumbbells in both her hands and brings them down while performing a squat as shown in the video. Basically, these flow exercises are weighted cardio form of workout which is highly recommended if you wish to tone whole of your body while burning fat.

Next exercise is dumbbell press and step hop (12 reps / 3 sets). Here, Rosie is seen taking runner’s position and performing dumbbell press twice before hopping and changing legs.  This is very impactful exercise for your back and shoulder muscles plus a good cardio for your legs and core. The next one is single back dumbbell (20 reps / 3 sets) where you sit on your knees and then hold one dumbbell the way shown in the video taking it down the back of your neck, bending your hands at the elbows. This is a good workout for your triceps.

The last workout comprises single dumbbell squat pump (20 reps / 3 sets). Rosie is seen holding the dumbbell with both her hands in the front and performing squat, and doing the squat pump. This is gives a wholesome pump to your leg muscles, lower back and glutes.

Rosie ended her workout session with regular stretching and cool down exercises which are a must to relax your worked up muscles during a rigorous dumbbell exercise session. Follow the following exercise routine to experience the energy flow with dumbbells throughout your body:


Shoulders & warm-up circles

Crawl Out Bend Forward   10 Reps
Crawl Out Bend Forward Push-up 2 10 Reps
Front Walk Lunges 3 20 Reps
Beginner's Push-up 2 20 Reps

Workout details

Upright Press 3 20 Reps
Both Hands up Together & Behind 3 20 Reps
Both Hand Side-up with Squat Flow 3 10 Reps
Dumbbell Press & Step or Hop 3 12 Reps
Single Back Dumbbell 3 20 Reps
Single Dumbbell Squat Pumps 3 20 Reps
Both Hand Side-up with Squat Flow 3 10 Reps

Stretching and Cool Down

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