From XXXL to S – Mammoth Transformation of Padmaja Ramesh

There was a time when people taunted me and judged me but now is the time when same people look up to me and ask for tips!

From XXXL to S – Mammoth Transformation of Padmaja Ramesh

I am Padmaja Ramesh, a 20 years old. I live in Chennai,Tamilnadu. I was born and brought up here. I am pursuing my Undergraduate in Engineering.  It took me 15 months to lose 40 kg without gym.

This is how I transformed from XXXL to S.

My life was very boring during my school days. I usually felt something was missing in my life.I never had a good social life. I hated to get up, get dressed and meet friends.I was basically lazy. I remember weighing 72 kg when I was in 7th grade and years passed like this. I never changed. I entered college. Seeing all those petite pretty girls, I felt alone. Even then I never tried to lose weight. Advices from all the people around, not finding my dress size and bullying made me depressed. And I started eating even more (junk). I lost hope even before trying. I kept gaining weight.

After choosing health over junk

It was the beginning of 2017 when I saw one of my friend’s transformations on Instagram. I was amazed to see her. I pinged her asking how she did it. And I decided to start. I honestly felt some kind of determination and motivation within me. I checked my weight and it was a freaking 103! I was shaken.

Changes I made

I never went on crazy diets. Did enough research on YouTube and decided to start. I made small changes to my life like avoiding junk. I started to take stair case wherever I go. I included physical activity to my daily routine. I watched on my food portion. Drink enough water.

And these small changes gave me amazing results in one month. That’s when I decided that this is going to be my lifestyle.

I dropped around 20 kg in the first 5 months without even trying much. End of July I came to XL from XXXL .Then i continued the same. I included veggies and protein with every meal.

My basic diet

It is simple. Home cooked food in portion control. I am basically a south Indian so It basically consisted of Dosa, Idly, White or Brown Rice, Rotis and also Oats,Eggs, A lot of veggies, Daal etc.

It is very important to be within portion and ofcourse a lot of water.

My workout

It was a mix of Elliptical, Stair climbing, Walking and HIIT. I started including weights from 6th month.

I did home workouts from YouTube guidance. I haven’t been to a gym throughout the journey.

Challenges and Time Management

Managing time was actually very tough being an Engineering student. I had to balance everything.

I allotted a particular time for workout and followed it religiously. 40 min from 24 hours is nothing.You just have to make time for it. I needed it hence I made my time.

People around me kept  saying I might look sick if I lose a little more weight, They made faces  when I said I needed to workout or it’s not my cheat day yet to eat out. I never really cared. And now the same people ask me for weight loss tips. That’s how it works.

By the end of 2017, I came from 103 to 65 and from XXXL to M.

Motivation is within you. It can be found everywhere. Walking or running became easy. Finding dress of my size and shopping was so much fun. I rewarded myself with cheat meal twice or thrice every month.

This journey taught me to take care of my health. That is the biggest investment.

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