From Suffering to Success: Amrita Lohia's Transformation!

If you have got any excuses to not to be able to change your lifestyle, you have to read this transformation story to reform your goals once again and re-energize them into success against all odds. Amrita passed the test of time and is now a Yoga Trainer! This is her story, her way!

From Suffering to Success: Amrita Lohia's Transformation!

During my first delivery in 2009, due to weak abdomen, I suffered from minor Umbilical Hernia which resulted in no strength in core. Later on, when I decided to go for my second baby, during my pregnancy, I slipped in my 3rdtrimester which resulted in severe back problems and during my delivery my coccyx got tilted which in turn gave me immense pain in doing any activity.

It was difficult for me sit or to stand and rather I couldn't even sleep properly due to pain and  my back and core were so weak that I was unable to pickup my new born in my arms. I spent almost 1 year with sleepless nights in pain and kept eating medicines and pain killers and undergoing physiotherapy and other treatments. My pain got worst and eventually, my life became worst with pain, after getting myself checked in Indian Spine and Injury Centre (Vasant Vihar), the Doctor gave medicines and asked me to do yoga as it might help me because anything else was just going waste and I was totally frustrated eating medicines.

Hence, I decided to have a Yoga trainer at home to help me but as hiring a trainer at home was really costly so one day, I decided that I should learn yoga myself rather than hiring a trainer and from there the destiny was calling in for me and I inquired for good institute for learning Yoga in Delhi. Then the very same day, I got several calls from different institutes and from those calls there was one call of my Guru Apurva and I decided to meet her once. The same week, I went to meet her and told her about my problems she said I might help you and seeing her positive energy, I felt something in myself that yes, I can cure myself and from there my journey started. I did my Yoga Teacher Training Course under her guidance which in result not only cured my coccyx but also improved my hernia to 95% and from there I have not looked back. After my training I decided that I will help people who are suffering from such problems like mine. 

I was a complete ‘non-gymming’ person, no idea about fitness, however, being from a sports background, this was something which was boosting me from inside, my confidence and I felt an all new ‘me’ inside of me. Recently, I completed my Personal Training Course from K11 which gave me immense knowledge about weight training as well and I also did Zumba Instructor Course but nothing made me feel more satisfying than Yoga.

All I can say that ‘Yoga Was My Workout then It Became My Lifestyle’
It has been only one year of being into fitness industry and I am working with several niche companies like Yoga Seeds, Reebok, Kailash Health Village and Chisel Fitness. Yoga has given me a new life altogether as after working in corporate for more than 6 yrs and then after marriage when I left my job during pregnancy, I only felt like bored women do at home but in 2015 after becoming a Yoga Trainer, I never turned back and will never give up on anything as I believe no one has the power to change your destiny, it's in your own hands.

My Journey

From a house wife to a Fitness Trainer today - I left my job after marriage in 2008 and then life became static at one place everything changed from being busy to being at home always with tons of responsibilities.
In 2015, I did my YTTC from Yoga Alliance and Shree Maa School to Transformational Yoga. Then I did Personal Trainer Course from K11 Fitness Academy and both institute and passed my exams with flying colors by being in the top students and since then I am not looking back as for me it is just a beginning and I have miles to go.

Previous Lifestyle to Transformed Lifestyle

Earlier I was a simple house wife with back problem and today, I am a confident Fitness Professional with strength.

Professional Career

Currently working with the top fitness brands Chisel Fitness, Reebok, Yoga Seeds and Kailash Health Village.

Support and Inspiration

It is all because of my husband's support and my inspiration is my Guru Apurva Saxena.

Decision to Transform

After suffering from back issues for more than a year I decided to change life completely as I did not want to spend my life in medicines and pain killers. 

The most difficult part of my Transformation was my weak core and tilted coccyx and my family responsibilities. To manage everything was really challenging but as I have learnt not to give up things, so kept on improving day by day.

My Typical Workout Schedule

I do power yoga daily. Transformational yoga twice a week and thrice a week I do my weight training.

Basic Diet

I try to eat as healthy as possible and I try to follow Ketogenic diet to a certain level and I do not cheat on my diet because you are what you eat. I take enough liquid to keep my body detoxified and hydrated.

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