From Skinny to Fat to Competitive Bodybuilder: Saurabh Mana

Sourabh Mane’s story denotes a consistent journey in pursuit of dreams. Bodybuilding was not his passion but over the period of his transformation, it became one. As he shares his journey and routine, he keeps his fingers crossed for winning at the stage in the coming times.

From Skinny to Fat to Competitive Bodybuilder: Saurabh Mana

I am Sourabh Mane, a 24-year-old from Pune. I am Civil Engineer by profession and Fitness Enthusiast by passion. I am now a competing bodybuilder with one title at State Level and Runner Up title at National Level.

In 2020, I am competing at International Level and I look forward to achieve my dream.

Most difficult part of my journey so far, was being financially strong. Given the fact that this game is the most expensive game. I had to make the ends meet, earn and then invest in myself for supplementation and training to be stage ready apart from the competing expenses. There were other hurdles like keeping up with my diet, which was the second difficult part in my whole contest journey. I faced many problems during contest prep like weakness, vomiting and cravings. Apart from this, there were many other challenges. Once you have your goal in your mind, you ready to take them up and everyone who has been a competitive bodybuilder might have gone through similar circumstances.

Bodybuilding is not a part time work for me. Bodybuilding requires 100% concentration for your prep, I had to workout, eat, rest and sleep, which were the most important things. Keeping it balanced was the success mantra for me.

The story of my transformation started when I was in school. I was very skinny and as I grew, I ate too well and turned out to be fat version of myself instead of a fit one. When I was skinny everyone used to tease me for being too skinny and thin. After becoming fat, in college days, people started saying that, “Look at yourself, you are so FAT!” 

It was then, when I decided to take some concrete decision and work towards my fitness. I began with following a diet and exercise routine. Gradually, as I became successful in shedding fat and gaining muscles, I decided to give it a direction and developed a passion for fitness and bodybuilding.


  • MuscleMania Mumbai Open Bodybuilding - Champion.
  • MuscleMania Mumbai Classic Physique- Runner Up.
  • MuscleMania INDIA Open Bodybuilding- 3rd place.
  • MuscleMania INDIA Classic Physique - Runner Up.

My basic workout routine includes - 1 Day, 1 Muscle with some variations of Abs and Cardio.

Basic Diet

  • Breakfast: Oats meal + Protein scoop + almonds and Fruits
  • Lunch: Chicken and Rice with salad
  • Snacks: Green Tea or black Coffee fruits 
  • Dinner: Egg and Salad meal with walnuts

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