From a Liver Donor to a Fitness Enthusiast – Abhishek Deshmukh

I explored all the possibilities and gave answers to the people who kept telling me that I shouldn’t lift the weights after donation of my 70% liver to my father.

From a Liver Donor to a Fitness Enthusiast – Abhishek Deshmukh

My father was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and was suggested to do a liver transplant and as prescribed by the doctors, we decided to go forward with that and I was honored to be the liver donor for my father. I donated 70% of my liver to my father.  26th May 2016 was the day of the operation. Operation was successful but unfortunately on the 3rd day after my operation, my internal stitches busted and I suffered minor heart stroke. I was immediately taken to the operation theatre again and I survived through that. To my dismay, my father couldn’t survive the surgery and he passed away.

15 days after the surgery, I was back at home, resting and doing nothing for 9 months. I was only taking rest and recovering from the ordeal of losing my father and my health. In these nine months, many people told me that I cannot do any physical activity for the rest of my life. So, I decided to give these people a strong answer. In my early twenties, there are many possibilities which I could explore. Before the surgery, I was studying BMM and was also working as cinematographer/photographer (still a freelancer). I always wanted to be a shredded guy. But after surgery, it is suggested to join a gym to avoid getting fat and I did what was suggested, being around all fitness athletes, made me feel that even I can get into fitness industry and help people, motivate them and guide people who have gone through any surgery.

The biggest problem I faced was stiffness around my abdomen and I had a digestion problem due to surgery so I have to check everything I eat as there are many supplements I am not allowed to take.

I joined gym on 1st March 2017 and began with my strength training with beginners’ workout routine at Ikon Fitness Gym (Airoli) and gaining some weight with proper diet plan provided to me by trainers at the gym.

For 6 months i.e March to August, I had put on good weight and also had some good strength then I challenged myself to do a body transformation within 30 days. I began my transformation on 1st September 2017. I needed 100% focus and dedication on this. I was not going back from there now. I trained hard, fought back all the pain, and I had my trophy and answer to all those people who said I can’t do it.

I had my family’s support all this while and they trusted me. It wouldn’t have been possible without all gym trainers who believed in me and helped me. I would really thank them for this amazing fit lifestyle.

Basic workout schedule

In busy weeks I workout only 3 days

Day 1 – Chest, Shoulder, Triceps (3 variations each with 4 set 10-15 reps)

Day 2 – Legs (3sets with 10-15 reps)

Day 3 – Back and Biceps (3 variations each with 4 set 10-15 reps)

Basic diet

I don't avoid carbs. I don't avoid protein. I think it's just, again, about balance and finding what works for you and your body. For me, having a higher protein, higher carbohydrate, and middle-of-the-road fat count usually gets the job done as far as my energy needs and for my physique are concerned.

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