From a Lanky Person to a Bodybuilder: Ahsaan Alam

Everyone is running the race to compete with each other but my competition is with myself! I want to prove myself that I am here to win the race.

I am Ahsaan Alam, a 24-year-old from Delhi. I am a professional bodybuilder. I started my journey 8 years ago.I got inspired by one of the bodybuilding shows that was held in Delhi, I saw bodybuilders there and I decided to look like them one day. So, this is how my journey of bodybuilding started. 

When I started my training, I was very skinny so it was more of challenge for me to land a competitive physique when it comes to bodybuilding. The sport is demanding and requires a lot of hard work in balancing body aesthetics. To start with, it was my passion but with the passage of time it became my profession. My coach and seniors helped me throughout my bodybuilding training and surprisingly, I was able to cope with the demands of the sport.

Gradually but steadily the change happened and I started competing from small scale shows; the first show in which I competed was YMCA, Delhi where I secured fourth position. After several small events, I took part in Mr Delhi, Mr India, Mr North India, Mr Amateur Olympia and Sheru Classic.

I faced a lot of difficulties in my journey, many people misguided me, bullied me but I ignored them and stayed focused on my aim and It’s not necessary every time to reply back to everyone or try to prove them that you are in the race and you are here to win it.

It is not necessary to win every time but to take part in an event. I am an athlete and an athlete should be constant and disciplined in their respective games. I remained focused and wasn’t bothered by the intimidation by anyone. 

My diet plan is as normal as other athletes have. As a bodybuilder, I need proper diet and nutrition but during Ramzaan and travelling, I face a lot of problem in maintaining a diet regimen.  Still, somehow, I manage my diet plan.


  • Mr. India junior 2016
  • Mr. Delhi 2017
  • Sheru classic 2018
  • Amateur Olympia 2018

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