From a Banker to a Bodybuilder - fabulous journey of Mousumi Khanra

Read her interesting story to fall in love with fitness like she hailed herself in bodybuilding!

From a Banker to a Bodybuilder - fabulous journey of Mousumi Khanra

I am Mousumi Khanra, basically I am from Asansol but stay in Kolkata. I completed my graduation from Kolkata. After that I got opportunity to work with HDFC and while working I realized the importance of fitness and I joined the gym to get fit because at that time I was of 85 kg. With the passage of time, fitness became my passion and I fell in love with gym equipments. Wait! it’s true, I love gym equipments and clothes as much as workout.

I left my job for my passion. I gave my whole time to fitness and then I got certified in this field. After completing my certification in fitness, I joined team RIPPED; it was the starting step of my carrier.

My coach, Mr. Sumit Banerjee played a major role in my career, without him It would not have been possible for me to start my career as a bodybuilder.

I really love what I am doing right now.

My lifestyle is a lifestyle like other bodybuilders have. I love to do workout, healthy lifestyle, and routine life and so for it, i don’t need to manage my time.

I represent my nation in several competitions. Earlier I was working in Anytime fitness and now I am working as a fitness instructor and I am an athlete in team RIPPED. Currently, I am working with Talwalkars also.

I faced a lot of difficulties in my career but the most difficult thing I face in the fitness industry is society’s and people’s mindset because people think that bodybuilding is not the thing that is made for women. In society, the people can appreciate the man with muscles but they cannot appreciate the women with muscles.

In November 2017, I competed first time in the fitness show and there I won the silver medal that time I decided to put all my efforts to transform myself for gold medal.

In my diet, I usually intake a lot of proteins, few carbohydrates, lots of water, green vegetables, etc.

My workout plan includes weight training - 2 body parts in a Day and 1 hour cardio.


  • Gold Medal in Fitfactor 2018
  • Gold Medal in Ms. Bodypower 2018
  • Gold medal in Boss Classic 2018
  • Gold Medal in Ms. Bengal 2018
  • Silver medal in Fitfactor 2017
  • Top 5 finalists in Sheruclassic 2018
  • Award from NIFS as a Rising Star.

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