4 Suspension Move Training for Lower Body by Manish Ruhail

You have tried several lower body exercises and you sometimes or more often get bored with the tedious weight-pressure and rather slow pace – Watch these 4 suspension exercises as demonstrated and explained by Manish Ruhail. They will keep you going for more lower body training sessions, we bet!

Manish Ruhail begins by introducing himself as a Certifies Personal Trainer from ACE. He also represents International Kettlebell Fitness Federation as a Master Trainer in India, level 1 and level 2 both and other of his significant achievements so far. He proceeds with introducing these 4 of these TRX exercises which work wonders for your lower body’s strength, agility, balance and muscles.

1. TRX Squat Jumps

This is lower body power-up exercise and enhances the strength in your legs. It renders agility and tones the leg muscles. The support from TRX as you hold it by hands, makes the maximum movement possible. You explode up in the air, come down and squat again. Keep the form and alignment of your knees and ankle in place to avoid injuries.

2. TRX Single Leg Lunge

Single leg lunge develops the single leg strength in your lower body, strengthens muscles there and improves your balance plus concentration. Make sure that your trunk strays aligned and you make your movement aligned with your knees coming forward and going backward with full range.

3. TRX Hamstring Curl

As the name suggests this exercise allows you to strengthen your hamstrings. Make sure to keep your hips upwards while bringing your knees towards your body, to avoid the push-back assistance from the floor. This way maximum pressure will be on your hamstrings rendering them more strength.

4. TRX Pistol Squat

This exercise not only allow you to strengthen your single leg on which you are working on, one at a time, but also allows you to work on the balance component of your body incredibly.

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