Forever Fit with Each Other – Mustafa Ahmed and Radhieka Pandeya

Mustafa Ahmed is a CrossFit and fitness extraordinaire and is known for training superstar Hritik Roshan. However what is inspiring is Radheika, she is his superfit wife! Together they are giving major couple goals to the country. They have a family complete with kids to look after, their work and then their fitness goals!

Valentine’s Day is a day to introspect, get inspired by special bonds who have made it an example for people. One such couple is Mustafa and Radhieka. Mustafa and Radhieka share their story with fondness for each other in this video coverage. They let you know what keeps them motivated together for fitness. How it has been a consistent efforts towards it and how fitness acts as yet another strong bonding factor between an already compatible couple.

They start their day by cooking a healthy meal together while sharing about one of the important part of their fitness regime – Myprotein products. From peanut butter to protein, they share their connection with the brand and how the brand takes care of their fitness goals by providing nutrient rich quality supplementation to them.

They are seen working out in the gym together and having fun while doing so! The jovial and playful spirit of the couple gives us a cue how they got along together for all these years and are still going strong. They share how nutrition helps them keep up with their fitness routine. They are seen taking Myprotein protein. The video gives an insight on how a brand supports its ambassadors throughout.

The chemistry between Mustafa and Radhieka gives the vital message to the nation – You don’t have to be fit for each other, instead have to be Forever Fit with each other. Passing on a legacy of fitness to the next generation and inspiring many around to lead a fit life is what makes them a unique couple. Watch the video to catch up with the fit couple’s secret to such a bond.

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