Food & Fitness feat. Priya Baisla – Episode 1

Gold Medalist Rugby Player Priya Baisla tours us around her home, explains her special diet during the championship, eggatarian diet, and her daily workout session, the role of fitness, motivation, and lots more!

Priya Baisla, the renowned All India Gold Medalist Indian Rugby Player shares her on-season, off-season, and a special diet during the championship, the super healthy contents of her fridge. Her diet during the off-season starts with a cup of coffee that helps in boosting up for the day including fruits like apples, nuts for a pre-workout meal. Switching to diet after the workout is oats that include lots of fibre, carbs, and protein. For lunch, basic Indian food like sabji daal and chapatti along with salad and curd is recommended.  At night protein intakes like eggs paneer and vegetables are a must! When it comes to the competition and during matches, on-season – an abundance of protein and carbs with reducing intake of fat is compulsory.  She also speaks about diet during championship where loading of carb increases. Rice pasta and boiled potatoes and after the carbs and protein mix help in body recovery with sufficient water intake is a must. Junkies and too oily food must be avoided as it affects health and body strength. Role of Food in increasing performance, Diet during Travelling, also faced challenges with a knee injury during Asian Championship – everything that you need to know! 

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    Priya is a best player of rugby as well as good human being

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