Food & Fitness Feat: Harmilan Bains - Episode 2

Harmilan Bains, the popular athlete takes us through her home and shows us the contents of her fridge and outdoor gym— explaining her diet, fitness journey, and love for sports!

Harmilan Bains, 1500 m athlete opens up about her gym workout and fridge and what diet she follows, how she trains. Starting her day with a lot of proteins, like eggs added with good carbs like cheese along with some dry fruits almonds, and pista. Favourite breakfast snack is brown bread with chocolate spread and peanut protein butter spread which drives the energy force for the whole day!

Pre-workout drink Red Bull is most desirable. Lots of fruits like apples, papaya, grapes, and strawberries are a must to be included in the diet every day! Speaking of cheat meals she prefers a lot of cakes and chocolates. Explaining her daily workout, warm-ups are advised which is a major priority for all, whether a fitness freak or not. Stretching saves you from any kind of injury; slowly starting with the upper body workout with dumbbells and gradually increasing more weight lifting she's adapted her viral workout regimen for training.

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