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Flow Yoga Cardio Workout - Day 4

In Day-4 of 7 Days Home Workout series, Rosie brings to you Flow Yoga Cardio workout. These exercises are cardio exercise combinations with yoga postures, giving you benefit of both the forms. Needless to say that they help you lose stubborn fat as well as tone your body. Watch full video to know more.

Rosie starts the video with introduction to Flow Yoga Cardio workout where she says that we mix these two forms of exercise to increase the benefits of each here. She begins with warm-up exercises where she does front and back arm and shoulder circles, followed by side lunge squat (in sequence) then stretching T-pose and moving onto T-pose crunches in the end. Warm up is a very essential part of any workout. All these warm-up exercises bring the necessary stretch to your fascia.

She next starts with flow yoga cardio workout with downward dog > push-up > half burpee (10 reps / 3 sets). You have to follow each one of such exercise flow in a sequence with 10 seconds rest between the sets. The first flow exercise helps you strengthen your core, back and shoulders in one go. Next exercise variation is chair-pose > hop to push-up (10 reps / 3 sets). She explains the starting position by letting you know that in chair pose, your knee should be in line with your ankles as if sitting on a chair. This impacts your legs, core, chest and shoulders.

Third variation is side plank crunches (10 reps each side / 3 sets). This again is an excellent exercise for toning and strengthening your core. Fourth variation she demonstrates is warrior 3 pose flow (10 reps / 3 sets). Here you have to take care of your posture where your leg positioned in front must have knee and ankle aligned and the knee bend should be at right angle. Now, follow the movement as Rosie demonstrates in a flow.

Next flow exercise comprise dancer's pose flow (10 reps / 3 sets). Here, you hold your right feet with your right hand, while your leg is lifted backwards. Now, you bend forward holding your feet till you reach a position similar to T-pose. Now, you do the same with the next leg. Next flow exercise comprise bird pose flow (10 reps / 3 sets), this exercise brings stretch to whole of your body while increasing your heart rate at the same time.

Rosie mentions the importance of taking rest between exercises of about 30 seconds and also asks you to do needed stretches to relax your muscles after intense yoga flow cardio exercises. After a rest of 1 minute, for core, Rosie adds crunches to her routine like bicycle crunches and basic crunches as a finisher before some regular stretching cool down exercises. Yoga flow cardio workout chart is given below.

Flow Yoga Cardio workout


Front and back arm / shoulder circles
Side lunge squat (in sequence)
Stretching T-pose
T-pose Crunches

Workout details

These Variations are to be done in a sequence with 10 seconds rest between the sets

Variation 1: Downward dog > Push-up > half burpee 3 10 Reps
Variation 2: Chair-pose > hop to push-up 3 10 Reps
Variation 3: Side plank crunches each side 3 10 Reps
Variation 4: Warrior 3 pose flow 3 10 Reps
Variation 5: Dancer's pose flow 3 10 Reps
Variation 6: Bird pose flow 3 10 Reps

01 minute rest

Crunches and cool down exercises

Bi-cycle crunches
Basic Crunches
Stretching exercises for cool down

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