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Flab to Fab Transformation: Hannah Tells You the Fundamentals

Transforming yourself seems hell of a task so much so that you think that no matter how much you will try, it won’t happen. Time to look around and see how others did it, what kept them going. Your body might be different but the approach and mindset has to be similar. Hannah tells from her own experience that you can do it. Read to know how.

Flab to Fab Transformation: Hannah Tells You the Fundamentals

It is not 70% diet and 30% Exercise. Its 100% commitment, determination and dedication towards your diet, workout, rest and recovery.

To cut a long story short, I have been through the journey from 90kgs to 50kgs. But let us not focus on numbers. Let us just say I went from an obese teenager who couldn’t walk even a km without huffing and puffing, to a Fitness and Lifestyle Management Coach, and Reebok India and Optimum Nutrition Athlete who has even won a 100KM (Oxfam Trailwalker, Mumbai)

Certain Tips that I have learnt from studying and educating myself in fitness, practicing them in life and undergoing this whole transformation journey (not on just aesthetically) is something I would like to share with you and call it "Flab to Fab".

If you don’t want to do something, you will find excuses. If you want to do something you will find a way! There is no magic pill or potion for getting fit. No matter how much ads or marketing strategies try to fool us otherwise.

Make small and specific goals and work towards them. One extra rep, one extra km, one extra pound lifted, even as simple a task as being able to touch your toes can be your goal!

Not everything is measured on the scale.

Focus on improving your health, lifestyle, overall fitness and the scale will show the results.

Don’t fret on losing the kilograms. Focus on getting fitter, faster, stronger and healthier.

The aesthetics will follow.

Have a plan and keep patience.

Try different workouts until you find something that makes you happy and you find fun doing it, it doesn’t seem like much of task for you, the key is to enjoy your workout.

If you think it is a punishment or torture, you are not going to stick to it.

There is always something out there that will work for you and you will enjoy from different forms of dance, yoga, cardio activities, HIIT, crossfit and many others, the list is endless..

For beginning with, just choose something that gets you to move!

Do not starve yourself!

Hire an able nutritionist or for a start even just download an app to monitor your current calorie intake and macros and according to your goal use it to chart a new meal plan according to your actual calorie needs and macro requirements.

Prep and pre-plan your meals because more often than not we make the unhealthy choices when nothing is prepared and we are hungry.

Make sure you intake enough water so you are not mistaking thirst for hunger.

Track your progress.

Mantain a log for both - your diet and workouts and hold yourself accountable. Measurable changes that you see will actually motivate you to keep going.

Be realistic about your workout schedule. Fit in whatever you can even if sometimes it's less than you would like. Never bite off more than you can chew!

When you get injuries or setbacks in your personal/professional life, don't let it take over everything else. Try and stay on track knowing that life's never perfect.

One bad day shouldn't override the weeks/months of effort.

Read, ask questions, and learn about the human body, workouts and nutrition. The more you know, the more exciting and fulfilling the journey becomes.

Respect the rest and recovery. Your body needs both in and out of the gym. Don't train sore muscles or push yourself until you collapse. As your transformation moves forward, you'll understand your body and what it needs much better. Days will come when you will find that after a day off, your body will be stronger and your workout will improve.

Do not compromise on your recovery and sleep.

Transformations are a slow-burn process. Workouts won't get any easier, there will be days you want to just lay in bed and hog, the will and the motivation comes and goes.

It's inevitable that you will somewhere in the journey hit a plateau or a road block, or results cease to come by as fast as they did.

That's the time to hold onto the positive mindset and will - remember your goals and why you started and how far you want to go.

Minute changes in your diet and workout patterns and you will be raring to go again.

Lastly, don’t forget to celebrate and reward yourself for every single step forward.

Not just with a cheat meal but a spa experience or a smaller dress size works great!

Enjoy the journey and celebrate the small victories.

Nothing is as valuable or gives one much confidence as good health, fitness and an active lifestyle.

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