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Fitness, Witness & Life with with Junaid Kaliwala Episode -2

Watch Fitness icons - Yatinder Singh and Yashmeen Chauhan open up about their lives and choices with Junaid Kaliwala in episode 2 of Fitness, Witness & Life with Junaid Kaliwala. Missing it is almost a crime!

IFBB Pro Junaid Kaliwala is seen in his show-host avatar for the first time at bodyandstrength.com. In this episode, he welcomes Yatinder Singh and Yashmeen Chauhan together at the show. An otherwise conscious Yatinder went candid with his humbling smile on; an otherwise reserved Yashmeen opened up on people's perception on her!

It is said that a lot can happen on the sets of a talk-show but in COVID times even the lack of setting couldn't stop this webinar episode to be one hell of a hit, bringing smiles and hopes on the faces of people who are watching. Yashmeen and Yatinder got to bond in sporting spirit, knowing each other more and of course, Junaid tossed the questions to them wrapped in one friendly talk one after another.

Yashmeen told her story filled with several social challenges and how she faced them with sheer determination. She definately is passionate about her sport and can't tolerate botch on it's dignity which is very much evident from her socials. In person, she comes out tp be a soft, humble and focused girl in the industry who is growing wiser with time.

Yatinder Singh is that favorite among the masses who balances on all sides in the industry and has earned a credible name with his consistency whether in bodybuilding, as a trainer, as a business owner or as a YouTube influencer. He has come a long way and has to keep up with the benchmarks he has achieved. Totally in love with his family and driven by values in professional relationships, he is very careful of not hurting anyone with his words or actions.

The episodes enlightens audience about the human, warmer side of these fitness celebrities. Rapid fire rounds lights up faces of guests, Yatinder and Yashmeen, in anticipation while being careful of their replies and also, not a moment went by when we don't see the trio enjoying this unique experience together at one platform! To know more watch whole episode, because what can be experienced upon watching can't be described in words.

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