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Fitness, Witness & Life with Junaid Kalwala Episode - 5

Ayesha Billimoriya is a sprinter, Rajveer Shishodia is a fitness freak with an exploding Instagram account. They both exuberate passion for fitness and Junaid, explores these two poles apart influencers in Episode 5 of Fitness, Witness & Life with Junaid Kaliwala.

Junaid as usual starts the talk session by introducing two distinct guests for the Episode – 5 of his series. Ayesha is introduced as a sprinter who is so passionate that she has taken it as her sole goal of life. She dreams of hitting a gold medal in Olymipics for India! This is a game up for Junaid to have met an Olympics contender on the show.

The show has progressed to the last of the series and got wrapped up with a bunch of talks about dreams and how to prepare for fulfilling those, especially, when it comes to fitness and sports field. Junaid has met various influencers and churned out profound talks with them on the show. They all are influencers in different and distinct capacity and not only social media.

This side of the industry wasn’t ever explored so candidly, bringing people from different branches of the fitness industry, and talking about their life, dreams and perspective towards success. The show ended aptly with Ayesha and Rajveer as guests who were seen sharing the screen with Junaid one by one.

Ayesha got candid and told how she was put into running and it was more like that the sport chose her and she never made a choice. It is sacred for her. She has over 200 medals or trophies with her in her cupboard and now she aims to get into Olympics and take her winning streak to bring a medal for her country. She fondly talked about how her parents helped her all through her running journey and how they still support her. She talked about her coaches and trainers who were doing a great job in carving her out right to suit the requirement of Olympics. She is excited about sharing the field space with likes of Hima Das one day and we wish her all the best. Fitgirl Ayesha on Instagram is more about keeping herself fueled as well as motivating others to pursue their dreams.

Rajveer gave his side of story from nobody to a fitness freak by passion to a massive Instagram influencer. He never gave despite the regular but limiting financial pressures, he was helped by a lot of people who believed in him but ultimately it was his decision of not giving up that opened up a way for him to become an influencer. He discussed candidly about his family environment, its pressures and its benefits.

Watch whole episode to know more about these influencers with myriad backgrounds. Don’t miss out the fun rapid fire round with each one of them!

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